Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving enjoying some good food and good family time. Mommy's very glad that she did not half to work today and is getting to spend it at home with Daddy,Jacob,Jenna and Nana. Tomorrow is another story though. I have to work a kind of early day tomorrow well earlier than normal for a week day I'm working in the a.m. I have to be at work before the Blitz sale is over so it's probably going to be a little crazy still when I get there.
I hope everyone's having and had a good day and a good Thanksgiving weekend.Be safe if you're traveling. And just think Christmas is just 33 days away. Has everyone started Christmas shopping yet? Or how about decorating the house for Christmas? Well I have bought a couple of things but not I am not anywhere close to being finished. Joe put up the outside Christmas lights on the house today and they look great. We also put up the tree and I'm almost done decorating it. Again HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween.....Yes a little late but, better than never....

Jacob and Johnny

The kids had a great Halloween we started out the morning with a playdate at the neighbors house. Then Jacob was off for his weekly therapy at school he had a ball there. He really has been enjoying his therapy a lot lately. The last few weeks Mommy has not been going to the classroom with him I just drop him off at the office with his teacher and their off to the classroom. Thirty minutes later I meet them in the hallway and him and his teacher tell me about what they did that day its great! Mrs. Clay says that Jacob is a terrific student he listens so well and he really is doing great with keeping his attention on what they're learnign for that day. He makes his Mommy and Daddy so proud of him. His speech is really progressing well, these last few months. Sorry I got off on a tangant there for a momment.

So back to Halloween when Daddy came home from work we carved our pumpkins. Jacob's still not to sure about the pumpkin guts thing:) Also the weather was beautiful here on Halloween day. So when we went to take our group picture with some of the kids in the neighborhood Jenna did not have her leggings that she wore later that night. Jacob of course was a Red Power Ranger and Jenna was a cute little Tinkerbell. Hope you like the pictures.

Over the weekend Nana,Mommy,Jacob and Jenna spent a little bit of time outside because the weather was actually quite nice so I'm also posting a few of those cute pictures that I got of the kids on Saturday. Hope everyone has a good week....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Where have we been?

Hey all! I know that it has been well over a month since my last post and I am sorry. I know that many of you have been wondering where we have been. It has been a very busy month and you will see that when you look at our slide show I made of some of the pictures from the last month. We have been to California and Vegas and saw lots of family. We've been on at least four playdates,shopping, to The National Zoo in DC, and let's not forget our annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Light the Night Walk. So I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. I also have pictures from Halloween that I will post soon. And I promise I am going to try and be better about keeping everyone updated.