Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today is YOUR Day!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Rudy!
We Love You and Miss You.
***Update for yesterday. He is doing a little better. Oxygen level was lowered a bit so he is now doing some of his own breathing. They are going to try and slowly take him off his current pain med and put him on another one. This is so that they can hopefully get him to wake up. And hopefully figure out exactly what is going on. Fingers crossed that he wakes up today for his birthday. Thank you to everyone who is praying for him and sending all those positive thoughts his way.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner is Set!

For the most part anyway. Today we are at our 90 day mark. That is 90 days until our WDW vacation starts. At 90 days you are able to start making advanced dinner reservations (ADR). This morning after Breakfast Joe and I sat down and went over what we have planned thus far. Then we called the Disney ADR line and we now have ADR for all four nights we will be at the resort. We debated for quite some time when we first made our reservations for the vacation on whether or not we wanted to add the Disney Dining Plan to the vacation. We finally decided that it would be worth it for us and added it. The DDP gives us for each day we are there, a table service meal, a counter service meal and a snack. It doesn't cover all three meals each day but between snacks and all we will have plenty of food for the four of us.

We are having three Character meals. The most important one being our first one of the trip is at Cinderella's Royal Table. It is at the castle and we are having breakfast. Jenna could not be any happier. She is so excited that she gets to dress up as Cinderella and then gets to meet her at her castle. There will also be the fairy godmother there and a few other princesses but we are not sure of who at this point. We made there reservations a couple of months ago. Reservations for CRT are allowed to be made 120 days out. For any one else planning on going and wanting to have a meal at the castle. It books up really fast. Joe actually called the other day to see if we could get an earlier time for our breakfast and that day is already completely booked no availability for the entire day. Oh well, our time isn't a bad time it's just if we could have got in earlier we would have been able to get in the park before it opens.
Can you tell that I am getting really excited? In about 3 weeks or so we can start reserving our activities for the cruise portion of our trip. I can hardly wait to see what is available for the kids to do.
Most of computer time lately is being consumed by The DIS BOARDS. Just about anything you could ever want to know about Disney vacations is on there. So if you are curious about anything, just even thinking of planning a trip go give them a look. Seriously any question you could ask , you will probably find an answer on there some where from someone. It's very addictive, you can just read and read. That's partly what helped us decided on doing the DDP, and some of the places we decide to eat at. That's what's been occupying my time, lots of reading and planning.
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend. We had a very nice dinner at The Daily Grill in Tyson's Corner. The kids had an afternoon of fun with Nana.
****One last thing a small request rather, another huge thing that has been on my mind since Saturday evening. My Grandpa is in the hospital in So. Cal. He was admitted for low blood sugar, he is diabetic. After being admitted he had a small heart attack. They haven't been able to do a whole lot for him at this point because he is having breathing complications. My Mom said he looked better yesterday than he did on Saturday. She is keeping us updated as often as she can. Please if you have an extra moment in your day say a little prayer for my grandpa and my grandma who is by his side. I absolutely hate that I am all the way across the country from them, this has been very hard for me. I am so glad that the rest of my family is able to be close to him. Thanks for listening.

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Like Riding a Bike

It was approximately 12 years ago the last time I put on a pair of ice skates. It has been since we moved away from So. Cal. Joe and I used to go a lot, he played ice hockey for a few years. Since he knew how to skate when we started dating he took me. We loved going and just really never took the time to go since we moved. When we lived in Ashburn we had a rink right down the road from where we lived but still never made the time to go. An opportunity came upon us this past Tuesday. This year our Light the Night thank you party took place in Reston. It was at McCormick and Schmick's, we ate dinner, then there was a small awards ceremony. After all was said and done the skating rink at The Town Center was all ours, closed to the public just for The Light the Night party guests.
We weren't sure at first if we were going to venture onto the ice. But we did. It was so much fun. I was a little nervous at first. It had been so long since we'd been. When I got my skates on and got on the ice it was like no time had passed at all. Not one year or twelve years. I didn't even fall once. It felt great being out there. It was just Joe and I, the kids were at home with Nana. It was like we were teenagers again, only in older bodies. My body was definitely feeling the workout it was getting. We had such a fun time, we have decided that we definitely need to go back and take the kids with us. We checked on the skates sizes and they go as small as seven, they are so tiny just perfect for Jenna.
Hope everyone else is having a great week. We've been quite busy, I have so many more pictures to share and I will soon. What about this weather? I am really ready for Spring now.

-----------Me on the rink-------------Group pic at dinner-Joe, Me, Debbie, Jackie, Mia, Cheyl and Nancy------

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Potty Stamp, Mommy!

Today was Jenna's first day back to school since she's been going pee pee on the potty. She was very excited about going to school this morning and getting to go potty at school. At pick up this afternoon Mrs. Denton said she was like a pro and did wonderful. In return she got her potty stamp, she was so happy to show it to me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun with Friends

Go Steelers!

We were so happy to see the Steelers win. It was a great game. We spent the evening watching the game, eating good food, and enjoying time with friends. The kids had a ball playing with their friends. They took a break at half time to watch the 3D commercials in their 3D glasses. It was so cute seeing them all lined up on the couch. Hope everyone had a fun and safe evening. Thanks again K and C!