Friday, September 21, 2007

We Made It.....

We're here, we had a really good flight.Both kids did great no fusses.Jenna fell asleep shortly after we took off, Jacob on the other hand wanted to do nothing but watch the cartoon network. After a little while he finally feel asleep. We got to my parents house at about 4:30am Cali time so it was 7:30am our time. Thankfully the kids decided they wanted to sleep more so Joe and I got to sleep for a little while.

Before we hit the road from Vegas to my parents house we did make a short stop at In-N-Out Burger. Yum, yes it was like almost 4:00am our time but hey it is tradition have to have it as soon as we land. We only had fries and a drink but boy was it so delicious. Can't wait to have a full meal there today.
We did however have some minor set backs when we landed in Vegas. Let's see Jenna's car seat never left Dulles. Luckily Jet Blue had a brand new car seat that they lent us to use for our trip. We told them just to keep our car seat in Dulles and we'd get it when we get home.Hopefully it will stay there until we get back. After that little fiasco we went to get our rental car. In the time it took us to walk from the counter to the outside to get the car they managed to not have our car. They offered us an upgrade with no upgrade charge of course.Which this actually worked out for us because I don't know that all of our luggage would have fit in the other car's trunk. Hopefully the rest of the trip will not have too many more crazy things happen to us. The weather I think is going to be good while we're here. It's beautiful out right now have to decide what we're doing today. Hope the weathers nice every where else in the country. Talk to every one soon....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a Beautiful Day....

So I got up much earlier than usual on a Saturday. We had a neighborhood yard sale planned and we weren't sure how the weather was going to turn out since it was raining on Friday when we went to bed. I had most of our stuff out and set up by 8am which was a small miracle for me. Those of you who know me I don't really do well with early mornings. The yard sale ended up only being us and two other neighbor's which was fine because we ended up with lots of traffic from the few signs that were still left hanging after the rain. The weather was absolutely beautiful. We had a very successful "first" yard sale. Jacob even "bought" himself a few things. I put out our collection of Beanie Babies from a long time ago. This was Jacob's first time seeing them so of course he had to pick out the ones he wanted to buy.

Here's some of what he ended up with.
Most of what we sold was the kids clothes and a few other baby items. We also had some different odds and ends items. Just some stuff we didn't want look at anymore and things that were just taking up space in the basement. All in all it was a great day.

After the yard sale we decided to take a quick break for lunch and get into the car and go to CiCi's Pizza here in town. After we got home and relaxed a little we went across the street to the neighbor's house where lots of kids from the neighborhood were playing. The kids all had a great time together. Mostly just chasing each other around and riding each other's bikes.
The weather was really great this weekend I just hope that it doesn't get too cold to fast. It has been rather chilly in the morning. I also hope we have good weather for up coming trip to the West coast. When we get home I think I'll really be ready for Fall to be here. Now I just have to pack. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me not want to do it. Hope every one has a great week and I'll try and post again before we leave on Thursday.

Daddy having fun throwing Jenna up in the air!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Look a Contest.....

A fellow blogger and also a neighbor Jessica, is having a contest. You can enter here and you can win this cool Busy Body Book it's a really cool organizer. Oh and don't forget to check out her blog My Five Little Monkeys, she's a great blogger. THANKS Jess for having this fun little contest for all of us bloggers out there. Oh and wish me luck!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ocean City Trip

Here it is, as promised, a few pictures from our recent trip to Ocean City, MD. Hope everyone enjoys them........

Friday, September 7, 2007

15 MONTHS!!!!

Well I can't believe it my baby girl is 15 months already. Today (well now yesterday,see the time) we had her 15 month appointment and it went really good. She had 3 shots her last hib shot,her MMR and the chickenpox shot. Overall she did good just a little whimper at the second and third shot. But then she started playing with her popsicle stick the Dr. gave her and she was okay. Now for her stats... 17 lbs 10oz/-3% Her height 30 inches/35%. Yes her weight is still in the negative % but the Dr. said she is still growing nicely. She said she's probably going to be petite like her mommy. As far as her weight goes she is gaining and continuing to grow just on her own little curve but it is moving right below the normal curve. Her height really shot up this time and is also looking good. So all in all my little girl is becoming a big girl and we don't have to go back until 18 months.

Most of you know I've been on hiatus because over Labor Day we went to Ocean City, Maryland for a few days. We had a blast and I will post about our trip very soon I promise. With lots of pictures too.