Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Fun Day!

Yesterday was a busy but fun day. In the morning we had friends over for a play date. The kids had a ball, mostly running around the house chasing each other. Then when it was time to leave the weather was really nice outside, so they decided to chase each other around outside a bit. After our play date we had lunch and then we ran to Target to get some candy for our trip to the movies. When Nana got home we headed out the door to meet Daddy at the movies. We went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. It was a very cute movie, Jacob enjoyed it very much. Jenna however did not wear her 3D glasses at anytime during the movie. She still enjoyed it though. The 3D effects were very cool. Jacob is ready to see it again. However we will be waiting for it to come to the $2.50 movies here in town. It will more than likely not be in 3D as those tickets were $4.00 more each ticket. But it will still be good nonetheless. After the movies we "had" to go to McDonald's for dinner for the kids as the started the toys for the Monsters vs. Aliens movie.

Jacob in his 3D glasses---------Jenna with her glasses on top of her head
While watching the movie we discovered that there is a couple more movies that are coming out in 3D this summer. Disney has a new movie called UP. Also one of Jacob's favorite movies is being re released in the fall. Toy Story is going to be back at the movies in October in 3D and then Toy Story 2 is to be re released on February 12th,2010 and TOY STORY 3 to be released June 18th, 2010.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend........

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rockin' The Red!

We haven't really been overly busy lately or at least it seems. Busy enough though that I have been slacking when it comes to keeping everyone updated with pictures. I actually must confess I have been spending a pretty good amount of time when I am on the computer at The Dis Boards I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before. It's kind of gotten a lot worse as our trip gets closer. As of today we are 60 days out. Woo Hoo! I can hardly wait. I am in need of a vacation so badly.

Getting back to what we've been up to. This past weekend for Joe's birthday we headed into town first stopping at The Dulles Town Center for much needed haircuts. Jacob got his haircut and we just had Jenna's bangs trimmed. Then it was off to the metro station. Next we headed into D.C. for the Capitals vs Hurricanes hockey game. This was the first hockey game for Jacob and Jenna. Joe and I used to go to hockey games a lot when we were dating but it had been about 10 years since we had been to a game. They are always fun. The energy the crowd has is just awesome. The kids had a blast, at first Jacob wasn't to sure about the noise level. It was extremely noisy is the arena. After a while he was okay with noise and starting cheering along with everyone else. The Caps ended up winning in a shoot out, 5 to 4, it was awesome. In all the hockey games we've been to we had never seen a shoot out, it was really cool. Here's a little video of Jenna cheering The Caps on.......
Let's Go Caps!

And a some pics from the game.............

Fun Times!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Happy Birthday!
We love you. Hope you are enjoying your birthday weekend. Looking forward to another great day with you and the kids. You are not just another year older but one more year full of wonderful. Can't wait for the next year of much happiness and many more adventures. You mean the world to me and the kids. Loving our life together and growing old with you.
Love you Babe,
Jacob and Jenna, too

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here She Is....

My very dear friend Michelle who I've known since I was eleven years old, just had a beautiful baby girl.
Introducing Shiloh Grace McCoy
Born on March 5th @ 11:10 am
Weighing 7lbs 12oz and Measuring 20.25 inches
Proud Parents Michelle and Sean McCoy
Proud Big Sisters Destiny, Kiara, Haylee, and Gianna

Shiloh is four days old in this pic

Congrats Michelle and Sean! You make such beautiful girls. She is so precious. Look at those bright eyes. I just want to squeeze those little cheeks.

This is a picture from the last time we saw The McCoy girls before they moved from Cali to Washington state. Jacob was only eight months old then. Look at all those cuties. We miss you all so much

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missing You.....

I have sat down and thought about writing this post several times in the past week. I just haven't been able to think of the right words. This is my attempt at writing the right thing.

Grandpa Rudy we miss you terribly. I think about you everyday. When I look at pictures of you I think of the all the happy memories I have. Thank God for those memories. You always knew how to make everyone laugh. You filled all of our lives with so much happiness and love. You are loved not only by all of your family but your many friends. I know that you are in a much better place now. You are happy, no longer in pain and you are not tired anymore. You are doing what you loved and missed most, fishing with Pops. I know that you will be keeping an extra eye on all of us, Grandma especially. Don't worry about her too much though she has lots of us near and far to help her with whatever she needs. Praying for you and all those that love you.

~Rest In Peace~
Rudolph Aguilar
February 18th, 1935-February 25th,2009

Sharing just a few more pictures......
Mom and Dad's Wedding October 25th,1975----My Baptism 1977 (Me, Grandma Danice and Grandpa)
Laughlin, Nevada Mother's Day Weekend 1994

Me, Mom, and Grandpa---Grandpa, Me, Mom and Grandma Laughlin, Nevada Mother's Day Weekend 1994
Disneyland, California Grandpa, Mom, Grandma, Dad, and My Brother Matt
(Early 90's Not sure of exact date)

Grandpa and Matt-----Grandpa and Grandma @ Uncle Darren and Aunt Gaynor's Wedding 1996

Grandpa, Me (pregnant w/Jacob), and Grandma March 2003
The quality of these photos is not the greatest as some are copies of copies and then scanned. Sorry, hope you enjoy them. :-)