Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missing You.....

I have sat down and thought about writing this post several times in the past week. I just haven't been able to think of the right words. This is my attempt at writing the right thing.

Grandpa Rudy we miss you terribly. I think about you everyday. When I look at pictures of you I think of the all the happy memories I have. Thank God for those memories. You always knew how to make everyone laugh. You filled all of our lives with so much happiness and love. You are loved not only by all of your family but your many friends. I know that you are in a much better place now. You are happy, no longer in pain and you are not tired anymore. You are doing what you loved and missed most, fishing with Pops. I know that you will be keeping an extra eye on all of us, Grandma especially. Don't worry about her too much though she has lots of us near and far to help her with whatever she needs. Praying for you and all those that love you.

~Rest In Peace~
Rudolph Aguilar
February 18th, 1935-February 25th,2009

Sharing just a few more pictures......
Mom and Dad's Wedding October 25th,1975----My Baptism 1977 (Me, Grandma Danice and Grandpa)
Laughlin, Nevada Mother's Day Weekend 1994

Me, Mom, and Grandpa---Grandpa, Me, Mom and Grandma Laughlin, Nevada Mother's Day Weekend 1994
Disneyland, California Grandpa, Mom, Grandma, Dad, and My Brother Matt
(Early 90's Not sure of exact date)

Grandpa and Matt-----Grandpa and Grandma @ Uncle Darren and Aunt Gaynor's Wedding 1996

Grandpa, Me (pregnant w/Jacob), and Grandma March 2003
The quality of these photos is not the greatest as some are copies of copies and then scanned. Sorry, hope you enjoy them. :-)


McCoy said...

jamie and family... I am so sorry for your loss, you are right he is in a better place. love and miss you all. mccoy family

Kelly A said...

I am very sorry Jamie. We have been thinking about you the last week.

I am glad that you decided to post this...I hope it helps a little!

Anonymous said...

Jamie - You and Joe and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers. I know it hurts, but you are right that he is in a better place!!


Christine said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandpa. I love the pictures and how you are celebrating his life with them. {{hugs}}