Friday, April 24, 2009

Take Your Kids to Work Day!

Jacob got to go with Daddy to work yesterday. He had a really good time. One of Joe's friends from work also brought her son. There was also like another hundred or so kids there. The Library of Congress was a hoppin' place yesterday. Jacob did very well considering that he got up at 4am to go with Daddy. He did nap on the way in and on the way home though. Daddy took a ton of pictures while Jacob was there, lots of Jacob and some of just of The Library with the new camera. Here are some of the 160 some odd pictures Joe took.......

Starting out the day-----Sitting at Daddy's desk

Jacob and Caleb getting ready for breakfast---Jacob in the main Reading Room

Jacob didn't like how high the ceiling way in the MRR---Sitting at a readers desk

Align Center
Taking it all in, still in the MRR---This is the room where some of "Book of Secrets" was filmed.

More books---Jacob and Caleb loved the interactive touch screens
In The Great Hall---Going up stairs, now
Jacob looking at The Capitol, next door----Another interactive screen, in The Great Hall
Filling out his paper work for his fingerprinting--Getting his prints done in the badging office
In the book stacks, behind the scenes
What a day they had. Joe's boss asked where Jacob was today. He enjoyed his company, I guess. He's getting to be such a big boy. My little man. I can't believe that the school years almost over and before we know it he's going to start Kindergarten. Hmmm.......My baby, Kindergarten.
In other news Jenna is feeling much better. Fever is gone for the most part. She is 100% acting like her normal self. We will still be on antibiotics for another 6 and 1/2 days. She is also only wearing Pull-Ups at night now. Woo Hoo! She's doing so good with the potty training. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that will be good to go for our WDW/Cruise trip. That's in 22 Days for anyone that keeping track with me. We leave for our trip down in 3 weeks from tomorrow. I am trying to slowly get things together so I am not doing it at the last minute. We are supposed to have some more nice weather tomorrow. We had a really nice day today. We hung out in the yard for a bit today. The kids had a ball hanging out with their friends, it took some coaxing to get them to come in. They are loving this nice weather just as much as I am.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a nice some what quiet day. The best part was that I didn't have to go to work. It was very nice being able to be home the whole day with the family. Some how we forgot to take any pictures of the kids during their egg hunt. It was probably because Daddy was trying out the new video camera. We did manage to get a few of the kids while they were looking at their basket stuff.

Jacob checking out his Candy loot----What's in this golden egg Mommy?

Jacob waiting for me to figure out the new Operation game---Jenna showing off some candy

Look at that face, if only she were always that innocent!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter is Here...

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter. To all of our family and friends we could not be with on this special day please know that we are thinking of you and missing you all so very much. Wishing you all nothing but the best for this special day and everyday.
Love to you all,
The Fiocca Family

Thursday, April 9, 2009

His Easter Party!

Today was Jacob's Easter party. Everything went pretty well considering. I won't bore you with all those details. On a plus side Daddy dropped by for a bit. Jacob absolutely loved that. Daddy did almost all the picture taking. That was until he had to leave. He knows so much more about the new camera. He knows how to use it so much better. At Jacob's party we did all sorts of fun stuff. First we went outside for a small egg hunt. Then it was inside to dye Easter eggs, then we had a yummy snack, then we did a really fun craft. Braden's mom found it and really did a great job organizing it. It was little Easter Bonnet/Crowns cause on Easter everyone can wear crowns. After we did the craft we had story time. In which I had to read the story this time because our normal story reader wasn't there this time. We missed you Christine. I don't really do well with speaking in front of groups even if it is all four/five year olds. I managed though, then it was time to run around outside in the nice warm sun outside. Fun Times! The weather was fantastic today I only hope it's here to stay. I hope the forecast is wrong for the weekend at least Saturday anyway, I could definitely do without the rain. Oh well, onto to the pictures... Enjoy!

The Hunt is On!-------Egg dyeing and listening to Mommy so intently
Just posing for a pic!
Jacob being his silly self----Snack time
Craft time----A class picture with the Bonnet/Crowns on.
It's really hard and sad to believe that the end of the year is almost here. The Easter parties were their last parties. I am going to miss these next year with Jacob. My little big boy is growing up way too fast. I can't believe that in a short 4 and a half months he will be starting Kindergarten already.

Her Easter Party!

On Tuesday Jenna had her Easter party at school. All the kids seemed to have a good time. They dyed some eggs, hunted for some eggs, had a snack and then had story time. This party had the most parents, there was a total of six parents there and only nine of the ten kids were at school that day. I was not a party parent this time around but it's still fun to go and watch all the kids. Especially Jenna she is a completely different little girl at school. She is so quiet compared to the non stop talk we have at home. It really is funny. I guess I should say it's a blessing. I told Joe hopefully she will stay that way,you know quieter at school. She is like me in so many ways, when it comes to her personality. I only say I hope she stays on the quiet side because in school I was always getting talked to about my talking. Can you imagine that? I know what a surprise right. Ha! Ha! Only time will tell. Onto some pictures from the party....

Dyeing her eggs------Then she found two eggs
Look at these two matching cuties!----Yes, she was dipping her pretzel in her cupcake frosting.
And this one Jenna not paying attention to me trying to take her picture, She was more interested in Mrs. Kelly standing next to Mommy.
I am still hoping for better weather for the weekend. While we were at school yesterday there was some snow flurries. I could not believe it. I am waiting patiently for Spring to return. I am not sure how much longer I can be patient for. Hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Check Her Out!

I honestly don't know where Jenna's obsession with jumping came from. She walks she jumps, she climbs on things and she jumps, it seems like she's constantly jumping. Sometimes it really scares me, for the most part it's usually walking and jumping and that is okay. A little tiring but it's still okay. Last night (because it's now 12:14 am) while I was at work Joe took this picture of Jenna. It cracks me up every time I look at it. She cracks me up. Here it is........

She was mid air jumping off of her Dora bike. Just look at that face and her hair. Too funny! Joe was messing around with our new flash for our new camera. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not but back in January we bought a new camera. Joe is doing so much better with learning how to use it to it's full potential. I on the other hand need to spend more time trying to learn how to use it on any mode other than automatic. Joe is doing all sorts of reading up on how to use it and well I know I've said this before I am not much of a reader. Enough about that I hope everyone enjoys my silly girl in this picture. Thanks Daddy for capturing this moment.

P.S If you click on the picture you can see it much larger and get the full effect.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring was Here?

This weekend we had beautiful weather. It was definitely Spring weather, it seems that it is gone now. It was in the 70's on Sunday. Today while out it was flurrying. I can not believe that we are having flurries in April. I don't know what that is all about. I am really hoping that it is gone soon and our Spring weather is back and stays here until it's time for Summer. I was really hoping for nice weather this coming Easter weekend. It was nice to be able to be outside without having to wear a jacket. We did go and buy Jacob a new bike on Saturday and he was able to take it for a little ride on Sunday when I got home from work. We found him the perfect helmet at Toys r us and the best part was that it was on clearance for 7 bucks. Of course it has Buzz Lightyear on it one of Jacob's favorite characters on it. Jenna rode around in Jacob's little Cozy Coupe while he rode his bike with Daddy. Now for a few pictures to share.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Trip to the Airport....

Yesterday Jacob's class went to the local airport to see a helicopter. The kids really enjoyed getting to see and sit in the helicopter. We learned a whole lot about the helicopter, like the fact that it cost 4.5 million dollars, yep. It's a very expensive piece of equipment. The weather cooperated with us so that was good. We even got to see them pull it out of the hanger, they only did this so we could take a group picture with it outside. Here's a few pictures from our day......
Jacob with Kavon----------Jacob sitting in the helicopter
Jacob's class and the other class that went----Backing it back into the hanger.