Saturday, September 27, 2008

How was your week?

What a week it has been. Well really, only two bad days but that's enough to count as "the week" in my book. On Tuesday morning we got in the car to take the kids to preschool and my check tire pressure indicator was on. No big deal I thought, this light used to come on all the time in my pilot when the weather got cooler. After I picked up the kids at preschool I went to Martin's to see if my tire did in fact need air. After checking my manual to see what my tire pressure is supposed to be, 33 PSI in front, and 35 PSI in back I got out of the car to put air in the needed tire and check the others. When I went to put air in the front passenger's tire (this is the one that was on my indicator) it was all the way down to 19PSI. I couldn't believe how low it was. We went home and then a short five hours later I got in van again to go to work and what do you know the stupid indicator was on again. I told Joe about this and he reminded me that I could look on my dash and in would tell me my exact PSI of each tire. It was back down to 23PSI. I went to work hoping that a friend's husband in tire shop could look at it and then fix it for me. No such luck. I had a huge SCREW in my tire, in a spot no less that could not be repaired. This means a whole new tire. I spent all of my morning Wednesday at Costco so they could replace my not even 6 month old tire and $168.54 later I was able to leave. I still cannot believe how much one of my tires was. So that is how my week has gone. I know it's not the worst thing that could have happened but that and this gloomy weather has put me in such a blah mood. Don't get me wrong I Love Fall, I really do love the cooler weather. I 'd like it much if rain weren't included and if it wasn't so gloomy all day long. This weather gives me no motivation to do anything, all I want to do is nothing.

Today we were supposed to go to D.C to The Annual National Book Fair. Joe has worked this for three years now. It's supposed to be really cool, but since they were calling for rain we (me and the kids) decided not to go. Joe still had to go for work of course but it's good for him, he'll get 12 hours of comp time for the day. I talked to him just a little bit ago and he said it hasn't rained much since this morning. So instead of going today the kids and I are just hanging out at home. I cleaned out the pantry, it really was overdue. I put some chili in the Crock pot for dinner tonight, for when Daddy gets home of course. I have also done quite a bit of laundry, but that's about it. Oh and I also managed to watch the season premiere of ER, in which I cried almost the whole hour. That was fun, I really hate that I am so emotional about my shows. Joe laughs at me sometimes cause he just knows when I am gonna break down. Sometimes it helps cause I tend to start laughing at him laughing at me cause it is a little silly, especially some of things I cry at. Other than crying I really enjoyed the episode and I really am gonna hate to see it go at the end of this season since this is it's last.

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend.

Coming up this week......Our Anniversary (which means a Date Night, if everything goes as planned) and Our annual Light the Night Walk. And oh my gosh it's almost October already. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Until next time....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

On Saturday we took the kids to Marker Miller Orchards here in Winchester. I have to say it was a little hotter than the forecast called for but still a beautiful day. We went to go check out the pumpkins. In years past every time we go to a pumpkin patch it's always in October and much too late to get any good pumpkins. We do not get all of our pumpkins there just because they are rather expensive most of the time. We usually end up buying the rest of our pumpkins for carving at Wal-Mart, usually for a lot less money for fairly good size pumpkins. However I don't know how that will work out this year. Hopefully soon my Wal-Mart will put the pumpkins on sale, as of now they are $4.98. The pumpkins at the patch were .49 a lb. Now if I am doing my math correctly I would have to get a pumpkin of at least 10 lbs or larger at Wal-Mart for this to be a deal. They didn't used to be $4.98 a pumpkin they used to be like $3.98 or less. It really was a better deal at Wal-Mart always. The pumpkin patch no matter which one we went to was always more expensive, it was always a better deal at Wal-Mart. Sorry, getting back to our fun day on Saturday.

The kids really loved it. They had a lot more pumpkins for us to choose from going this early in the year. Jacob just wanted to keep walking and walking further into the patch. He really was too cute, although we had to tell him to slow down and wait for us several times. I don't really think he really understood the whole pumpkin patch thing until this year. After both Jacob and Jenna picked out a pumpkin we headed back to the farmhouse. They had a little cow train there and it was free on Saturday. Both of them loved it. Jenna especially, that is what she talked about the rest of the day on Saturday and most of the day Sunday..."Cow Train, me went on the cow train." I think we will have to take them back there again before it gets too cold just so they can go on the cow train again. After the cow train they went and played on the many different kid toys on the playground. Then it was about time for lunch so we packed up and came home for lunch. I think next time we go we will bring a packed lunch and have it there as many other families were doing. They have quite a few picnic tables there. Lots and lots of people were picking apples, like bags and bags of apples. Maybe we will do that next time too. Hopefully next year both kids will be eating apples. Jacob's not much of an apple eater, Jenna however does like them if she's in the mood. We had a really good and fun time and free time. The only thing we had to pay for was our pumpkins. The two that the kids picked out we only $7.00 together so not too bad. We did manage to get a few pictures also while we were there.
Jacob SO excited about seeing the pumpkins-----Jenna taking a sniff of a pumpkin flower

My little cheese ball------------Mommy and Jacob hanging out-----------Little Miss Sunshine

Looking for THE pumpkin------He found it, a little bit of a walk from Mommy and Daddy------Getting closer

Ut ,Oh almost dropped it--------And finally he made it back to Mommy and Daddy----Getting ready for our ride

Just chillin' on the cows---------The rides almost over---------Playground time

Slide fun---------I see you!------------Putting on her breaks, the one before this one she flew off the bottom : )

Look at me Mommy!------------------CHEESE!-------------Jenna just hanging out.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Change is Good!

So, I did it. I got my hair cut not a trim but cut. I haven't had this much cut since probably 2001. I know such a long time. As you all know I am very attached to my hair. Very particular about how my hair is cut, who cuts it, you get the point. I had only been thinking about cutting it for a short time. I knew the longer I thought about it I wouldn't do it, and it needed to be done. Thursday I made my appointment to have it done on Friday, no time to cancel. Many people, friends and co workers included did not think I would go through with it. Everyone thought I was going to return with just another trim. Hopefully you all do notice the difference. It's at least 5 inches. I cannot say an exact number because my guy refused to talk numbers with me. I just know there was a lot of my hair on the floor. My guy told me just to tell him how short I wanted it. I did not want it shorter than my shoulders as I have never had it that short. I knew though that I had to get a decent amount cut as my ends were rather dry. My hair usually does most of it's growing or it seems like it does, during the Fall and Winter, so we will see how much grows back. I will say thus far I am very happy with my cut. It's also probably because I went back to my guy and not somewhere new. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I will post pics from the weekend tomorrow.
What do you think of our new layout for Fall? Colors okay? I'm not sure just yet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Her Name is Jasmine.......

We are now at our third week of preschool. Starting last week Jacob has been talking about this girl at school.

Last week when he got in the car on Tuesday he said to me "Mommy I met a new girl today, she is my friend." The next day Wednesday when he got in the car again he said "Mommy, I saw my girlfriend today." "She's so pretty." After having a short conversation both days with Jacob about this girl I learned a few things about her. She is not in his class, she is in the Ducky class, she has the same color hair as Mommy. But still no name. He could not remember her name, either day. He remembered that she had a blue shirt with strawberries on it. Last Thursday when he got in the car he was so happy. He said to me "Mommy I saw me girlfriend again today, Do you know what we did?" I said "no, what did you do?" He then proceed to tell me that him and this girl played hiya(?). You know his favorite game- good guy, bad guy. Total heaven for my Jacob. She was the bad guy and he was the good guy. Apparently they are some times when they are on the playground at the same time. They also see each other when it's time to go home and everyone is waiting to be picked up.

Fast forward to this week....On Tuesday, he gets in the car to tell me he did not see his girlfriend that day. Maybe she's sick he says, he was worried, genuinely worried. It was so cute but a little sad too. Now to today. When he was getting in the car I asked Mrs. Riley what class was the ducky class. She told me that it was another four year old class that was next door and went the same days as her class. Then she asked why? I then told her that there is a girl in that class that Jacob likes. I asked Jacob if she was at school today and he said no she wasn't. When I said there was someone Jacob liked in that class she asked me who? I told her that's our little problem Jacob can't remember her name. I then told her that she hasn't been at school the last two days and we know she has my color hair. She smiled and then said "Jasmine!" That is Jasmine and she's on Vacation her family went to Disney World. Then she said Jacob has very good taste because Jasmine is a very pretty girl. So there you have it my baby boy's first crush.

Such a long explanation as usual, but would you guys really expect anything less from me? : ) I think this little crush is really cute but I am also a little sad, too. Just one more sign that my baby is growing up. Who knows what is in store for me (us)? Fun Times!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach Pictures!

It has literally taken me just about two weeks to finally get our beach pictures together. We have been really busy these last two weeks. With the kids starting preschool and adjusting to our new schedules, really new schedules. Just getting up is a task for us. Our kids are like me not early risers. They are also not fast eaters (?), they need a good amount of time to eat each meal. If they don't get up at decent time we are rush, rush, rushing to get out the door and to preschool on time.

Back to our beach pictures, I was going to do a cool little slide show on OTM but apparently they no longer offer slide shows. So I was stuck with using Slide, I like their site but I don't like not being able to add your own songs. You are stuck with their selections which isn't a very wide selection. Anyways, we had a great time at the beach. It was a very short trip, we left early Monday (Labor Day) and came home late Tuesday since Jacob had school on Wednesday. Short, but really fun and really needed for the end of the Summer.

Also in the last two weeks I have been to Urgent Care twice and my own Dr. once. The first time I went UC it was on Sunday before we left for the beach. I had a UTI, boy was that fun. The second time I went was this past Tuesday. I went because I found an unusual bump/lump on my head. You know in the back of your head where you can feel your skull, where those bumps are? Well one of my bumps on the left side of my head was much larger than the one on the other side. It turns out it was just a swollen Lymph Node. Just plenty of fluids and keep an eye on it, is what the UC doc said. When I followed up with my regular Dr. She said the same thing except if it continues to bother me to come back and she'll do an ultrasound. Since Thursday it seems that it has went down a little more, and I'm not getting as many headaches. That's a plus, so hopefully in a few more days it'll be gone completely. But like I said busy, I've been wanting to post but just couldn't find any time.

This morning we had a play date. It had been a while and with school and everything else going on it was just finding a convenient time for us to get together. It was nice to see the girls and catch up. Everyone seems to be adjusting to the school schedule and having fun at school. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun at The Park

Today after dropping Jacob off at Preschool, Jenna and I decided to go to the park. We don't really get a lot of just Mommy and Jenna time. Now that Jacob's in Preschool three days and she goes only two days we will have every Wednesday for just us girls. She had a lot of fun, even though the bottoms of some of the equipment was a little wet still from yesterday's rain. There wasn't really anyone else there most of the time we were there. It was nice and quiet, too. It wasn't as cool as I expected it to be. When the sun came out it actually was quite hot with jeans on. The high is only supposed to be 68 for today, I'm not so sure that I believe that. I have some more random pictures from the week that I'll post later. Hope everyone is having a good week.

This is my little dancer. We had just got in the car. The song Crash by Gwen Stefani had just come on. It was at the lyrics "put your hands up." It was just too cute to not get a pic.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jenna's First Day of Preschool

Heading out the door, My Little Princess

Today my baby had her first day of preschool. She did very good this morning. She was all ready to go to school. She didn't even want to eat her breakfast this morning, she just wanted to go to school. It was all about going to school and getting to play with Jacob (not her brother but her friend Jacob). She was so excited. When we got there we dropped Jacob off at his classroom first and then went to her classroom. As soon as the teacher opened the door she just walked right in, no goodbye, no hug and no kiss for Mommy. I, of course called her back to me and asked for the kiss goodbye, she gave me my kiss and then went back into the classroom. When I picked them both up this afternoon they both had a good day. Jenna told me that she played with Jacob and some of the other boys and girls in her class. She also painted a picture with some fish on it. She definitely is liking the school thing, she didn't miss me. I am not surprised. With all the baby dolls and things to play with in the classroom who needs Mommy. It was so cute to see both Jacob and Jenna walking out together at the end of the day. The cutest thing ever though was what Jacob told me. He said that he didn't see Jenna all day while at school. But right before I came someone brought Jenna to him. He hugged her and then he kissed her again and again and then when Mommy came he had to stop. Jacob missed his little sister. I guess you had to be there. When he said he hugged her and kissed her there were also sound effects in the story. Jenna's teacher or the aide brings her down to Jacob's classroom right before pick up time so that I only have one pick up time as opposed to two times. It's very nice how they work with parents that have more than one child there at the school. Both Jacob and Jenna can't wait to go back to school next week.
They're off to school
Walking to her classroom

In front of her classroom door
Look at that little happy face
(in the classroom)

Pick up time

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jacob's First Day of Preschool

Getting ready to head out the door, look at his happy little face!

Jacob had his first day of Preschool today. Jenna has her first day tomorrow. His first day went relatively smooth, with the exception of us having every slow moving vehicle in front of us on the way to school this morning. We still managed to make it to school at a decent time, several kids were still not in Jacob's class when we dropped him off. I did much better than I thought I was going to do. We'll see tomorrow though, it will be my first day by myself with no kids. I know I am gonna miss them. Jenna missed Jacob today, she knew he was at school. She kept asking if we could go get him. It really was too cute. From what we could get out of Jacob he enjoyed school. He tried to tell us everything he did, and he can't wait to go back tomorrow. He met some new kids but can't remember their names just yet. He did however remember what colors they were wearing, like the blue kid. He, he! I thought that was cute that he associated people with what colors they were wearing. He got to play a little bit with his friend who is also our neighbor. Mrs. Riley said he is a sweetheart. I was glad to hear that he was good. I have always worried about that will he listen to the teacher? Cause he picks and chooses when he'll listen to me. I am glad he has chosen to listen to the teacher. Hopefully he will continue to listen to her. We really stressed this at home that he has to listen to his teacher, that he needs to be good in class, that he cannot play good guys shoot all the bad guys with the kids in school like he does at home with Daddy. I just hope that he always likes school as much as he does now, if not more. He has really made us proud. He's not a baby anymore, he really is turning into a big boy. Okay enough of my rambling, onto a couple more pictures from today.

Going into his classroom

Mrs. Riley and Jacob, the end of his first day.