Monday, September 22, 2008

Pumpkin Picking

On Saturday we took the kids to Marker Miller Orchards here in Winchester. I have to say it was a little hotter than the forecast called for but still a beautiful day. We went to go check out the pumpkins. In years past every time we go to a pumpkin patch it's always in October and much too late to get any good pumpkins. We do not get all of our pumpkins there just because they are rather expensive most of the time. We usually end up buying the rest of our pumpkins for carving at Wal-Mart, usually for a lot less money for fairly good size pumpkins. However I don't know how that will work out this year. Hopefully soon my Wal-Mart will put the pumpkins on sale, as of now they are $4.98. The pumpkins at the patch were .49 a lb. Now if I am doing my math correctly I would have to get a pumpkin of at least 10 lbs or larger at Wal-Mart for this to be a deal. They didn't used to be $4.98 a pumpkin they used to be like $3.98 or less. It really was a better deal at Wal-Mart always. The pumpkin patch no matter which one we went to was always more expensive, it was always a better deal at Wal-Mart. Sorry, getting back to our fun day on Saturday.

The kids really loved it. They had a lot more pumpkins for us to choose from going this early in the year. Jacob just wanted to keep walking and walking further into the patch. He really was too cute, although we had to tell him to slow down and wait for us several times. I don't really think he really understood the whole pumpkin patch thing until this year. After both Jacob and Jenna picked out a pumpkin we headed back to the farmhouse. They had a little cow train there and it was free on Saturday. Both of them loved it. Jenna especially, that is what she talked about the rest of the day on Saturday and most of the day Sunday..."Cow Train, me went on the cow train." I think we will have to take them back there again before it gets too cold just so they can go on the cow train again. After the cow train they went and played on the many different kid toys on the playground. Then it was about time for lunch so we packed up and came home for lunch. I think next time we go we will bring a packed lunch and have it there as many other families were doing. They have quite a few picnic tables there. Lots and lots of people were picking apples, like bags and bags of apples. Maybe we will do that next time too. Hopefully next year both kids will be eating apples. Jacob's not much of an apple eater, Jenna however does like them if she's in the mood. We had a really good and fun time and free time. The only thing we had to pay for was our pumpkins. The two that the kids picked out we only $7.00 together so not too bad. We did manage to get a few pictures also while we were there.
Jacob SO excited about seeing the pumpkins-----Jenna taking a sniff of a pumpkin flower

My little cheese ball------------Mommy and Jacob hanging out-----------Little Miss Sunshine

Looking for THE pumpkin------He found it, a little bit of a walk from Mommy and Daddy------Getting closer

Ut ,Oh almost dropped it--------And finally he made it back to Mommy and Daddy----Getting ready for our ride

Just chillin' on the cows---------The rides almost over---------Playground time

Slide fun---------I see you!------------Putting on her breaks, the one before this one she flew off the bottom : )

Look at me Mommy!------------------CHEESE!-------------Jenna just hanging out.


The Sweet Family said...

AWW Thanks for sharing. This is one of my favorite memories from when my kids were tots!

I still love to try and drag them to the pumpkin patch but no can do!

I hope you are all having a great week!

McCoy said...

Hi guyz!!
looks like you had alot of fun! Love the cow ride. The kids are getting so big and they are so stinking cute!! So do they know what they are going to be for Halloween yet? Were not sure yet, its always freezing here then. check out our blog, trying to figure it out still. miss all of you. love michelle

Melis B said...

Those are SUCH great photos!!

Glad you had a great day!!

Kelly A said...

It looks like you all had a blast!! I love all of the pictures!

We have never been to Marker Miller Orchards. We might have to try since they don't charge an entry fee like Great Country Farms.