Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Fun!

This is the first year I actually went through with my intentions of signing the kids up for swimming lessons. I had been wanting to for a while but just never did. This year I just did it, a friend of ours was doing it and so I signed both Jacob and Jenna up to do it the same week as them. No excuses, it was done. The kids absolutely LOVED swimming lessons. Jacob advanced from level 1to level 2 and Jenna had to stay in the minnows class as she decided she didn't want to really stick her face in the water when the instructors wanted her to. My little stubborn girl. We have been spending a fair amount of time in the water this Summer whether it's been at swimming lessons, or at a pool or at friends houses in some other form of water fun. It surely has been a hot Summer and a very busy one at that.

I know it's only been 9 months since our last post, oops. Don't really have to much of an explanation, just been busy. I am going to try and get back into the whole grove of blogging again. I know there's a few people out there who still check in to see how we are doing. Keep your fingers crossed I don't have any issues with uploading our pics cause a few friends have had issues with that. Eventually I will have a new website for the kids but I haven't made time to figure out the new hosts ins and outs of how to organize the site. I will let everyone know when I do get it up. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Summer cause it's almost over. Not to burst any one's bubble but school does start in like 26 days, YIKES! My baby (big boy) will be a First Grader and Jenna will be starting her LAST year of Preschool (insert tears, here). Where in the world does time go? If someone figures this out please share with me. Now for some pictures from the last week or so...........
Fun at The Family Drive-In
Swim Lessons!
Jenna's class watching Jacob's class jump off the diving board
Her first time off the diving board she had to lowered into the pool. The second time she jumped all by herself.
Pool time and then snack time