Sunday, April 27, 2008

Test and What nots

Where should I start? I guess I'll try and make a long story short in regards to my test I had last week. As we all know I am not very good at making stories short, so I promise I'll try. For the most part things went well, as well as they can for this kind of test. I have to say though it was really not fun at all. Unless of course you are the kind of person that likes to have absolutely no control of how your body's feeling. It was horrible, I didn't pass out but I came very close to it. I could feel everything around me turning black (and my eyes were closed), my whole body was numb all of a sudden, my ears were suddenly plugged and making these weird noises, it was hard to breath and I felt like I was going to fall. Really if you're not getting the picture it definitely was not pleasant at all. The tilting part of the test could have lasted up to an hour depending on how long I "lasted," I only lasted about 15 minutes or so. I don't have any results yet, but on Wednesday I go to see my regular Dr. and she should have my results. Hopefully then I will know something.

On a lighter note we had a great weekend, enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had on both Friday and Saturday. Friday I did however have Jacob to the Dr.s because of his allergies, they have been acting up a little because of the nice weather. After the Dr's we went to the mall for lunch then hit a couple of stores I needed to go to, got Jacob's hair cut, then we headed for home. Soon after we got home Daddy came home and then we headed back out and went to Fun Expedition as promised to Jacob. He loves their little bowling there and all the other games too.

Jacob's hair cut looks so cute, he's such a little big boy now. I will post some pics soon but I think Joe did something to the lap top and I cannot access my pics on the pc for some reason right now. Therefore I cannot upload any of them, either.
My Jenna in case I haven't said it lately she really is going to be trouble for me I can just feel it. On Saturday morning I was lying in bed dreading getting out of bed and here comes Jenna. "Here Momma" she says as she hands me my glasses, my glasses that I have to wear when I don't have my contacts in, glasses. Only it wasn't the whole pair of my glasses, they were missing one arm. So yeah, my glasses are broken and my little princess broke them. That's not the best part. When I asked Jenna why she broke my glasses she said "Me wanted to Momma!" You see Jacob says this quite often when we are pretending and we take his bad guy mask off. We ask him why he did it (this all comes from his love of Scooby Doo and the bad guys) and he always responds with "Cause I wanted to." We really have to watch what we say around Jenna because she really is a copy cat.

I did not enjoy this rain at all this weekend. Hopefully this week we'll have some better weather. At least maybe towards the end of week and for the weekend it is Apple Blossom Week after all.
Have Fun!

Oh and let's not forget, look at the counter we're down to 13 days now. Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day....

Tired and at a loss for words

There's really not to much going on over, I mean nothing too exciting anyway. I am kind of having a little bit of blogger's block, I think. I guess it could also have something to do with the fact that I am feeling a little tired and weak again, on and off. I had a Dr.'s appointment last week and my BP is still pretty low. I have been checking it on and off while at work and it has been pretty consistently low. On Thursday morning I am going for this test called a Tilt Table Test. It only takes about an hour that is if I last that long without fainting. Hopefully that will not happen and the test will just show, what I already know and that is that my blood pressure drops dramatically when I go from a lying to standing position. What does this mean? It means that apparently I have low blood pressure. In order to not feel light headed and dizzy, I will have to go meds for a while and hopefully it will get me regulated. I am hoping that this is not a permanent thing. I am really getting a little sick of this whole not feeling like myself thing. I HATE being dizzy, I HATE feeling light headed but it's not just my head it's my whole body that feels funny. I am really hoping that this is all better sooner rather than later, cause I really don't want to feel like this on vacation. How horrible would that be? So enough about me and my griping.
Other than me feeling like crap, we had a pretty good weekend. On Friday we had a play date, the kids really enjoyed their time with their friends. As I also enjoy my time visiting with my friends. It's nice to have that time even if it is just once every two weeks. I have no pictures from our play date or anything else we did this weekend. Daddy kind of left the diaper bag in his car and when it finally did end up in the house on Friday night I kind of left with out it on Saturday.
Friday night I had a little get together at our house. I had a Tastefully Simple Party with my neighbor/friend who is a consultant. This was my first experience with TS and I loved it. The food was great and the company of my friends was also great.
Saturday Nana and I and the kids decided to head out for a while. We went to the Dulles Town Center for a little bit, we had lunch and I had a few things to return. After finishing up at the DTC we headed back towards home and stopped at the Leesburg Outlets as I had a few more returns to do there. I also bought the kids a few thing for spring. The Gap was having a great sale lots of stuff was 40% off. The outlets were packed it was like it was Christmas or something. Lines everywhere. The funniest of them all was the Coach store. They are getting ready to move into a bigger store, they open in the new location on May 1st, I believe. From what my MIL and I heard they are trying to get rid of most of their inventory so they don't have to move it ( a whole 10 stores down). There was a line outside of the store, an employee was only letting so many people in at once. One woman my MIL talked to said she waited outside the store for an hour, and then she waited in line inside for another hour and a half. They had all of the merchandise marked down any where from 30%-50% off the lowest marked down price. It sounds pretty good but not worth 3 hours of my time after you factor in time to shop. The weather was great on Saturday, a good day to be out in the nice fresh air.
And of course Sunday brought the ugly rain just about the whole day. It seems as though it has been raining non stop. I had to work of course on Sunday, too. I guess this post tittle isn't really true. I have really rambled on for too long now. Sorry there's no pics of the kids or anything else for that matter. Hopefully this little block won't last for too long and I'll be back on track soon. Hope every one else had a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

VT Remembrance Day

Don't forget to wear Hokie colors or your VT gear on 4/16/08 in remembrance of those who lost their lives so tragically. I will definitely be sporting my maroon and orange tomorrow. And say a little prayer for all of their families. May God bless all of you and your families.......

Monday, April 14, 2008

In a Nut Shell....

We had such a great weekend, the weather was great, just everything was great. Friday we went to the new park in Berryville, it was awesome. We had our play date there, so it was us and four of our neighbors. Nana also went with us, what a savior she was. I don't know how I would have done it without Nana. The play ground was huge, they also have the biggest slide I've ever seen. Kelly got some great pics of it. The kids all had a great time, and I had a little fun too. I had to go down the big slide a couple of times too, Jacob wouldn't have it any other way.

After we left the park we headed home and Daddy was home early. We then decided to head over to the other side of town to the new Sonic Burger for lunch. This was my first time ever having Sonic. It was pretty good but I have to say I don't think I'll ever find a better burger than In-N-Out. I guess I'm particle growing up on them and all.

Saturday we had our neighborhood yard sale. They had been calling for rain all week. That is until late Friday night the people finally changed it to sunny and a high of 71. Yeah, I was soooo excited no rain. It turned out to be a really great day, beautiful weather, a great yard sale. We did really well and we managed to get rid of a lot of stuff. We said goodbye to our high chair, pack n play, a swing, an umbrella stroller, One of Jacob's old car seats, Jenna's infant car seat, Jacob's Little Tikes tool bench, and a some other little odd and ends toys. Last but certainly not least, was most of what we sold and that was the kids clothes. As this was also a big seller at our last yard sale. As a matter of fact I had one customer at our last sale that asked me to call her if we had another sale. And so I did and she came back again and bought just as much as she did last time. She has a little boy and she bought a ton of Jacob's clothes.

The weather was so good on Saturday, Nana and the kids joined Daddy and I for a little bit. After dinner we spent some time outside, and visited with a couple of neighbors. Mommy worked Sunday so not much to report about that day. That's about it In a Nut Shell..................

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008

and relax......

I feel like I have been busy since the moment I woke up this morning. One of our neighbors organized a neighborhood yard sale and it's next Saturday, April 12th. After breakfast I went down to the basement for a bit and got a few things together. Then it was out to the garage and that's where I spent most of the day. Reorganizing the boxes and boxes of stuff I plan to sell on Saturday. Came in for lunch, sat on the couch for maybe 20 minutes and then back out to the garage again. I am hopeful that it'll all be worth it.

Let's see chatted with one of the neighbors for a bit and then we ran out so Joe could do a couple of returns. Went through the drive thru for a bite to eat,came home ate and then Joe was out the door. Joe went to his monthly poker game at a friend's neighbor's in Leesburg. It has been non-stop since he left. A little of this and a little of that with the kids. Finally finished the last little things I had to do in the garage. Then it was shower time and now finally I am sitting on the couch trying to relax. Both kids are finally asleep. I am relaxing now for a little bit before I head to bed since I have to work tomorrow, yuck!

The weather was beautiful today, I can only keep my fingers crossed that we continue to have good weather. Like I said before I am so ready for nice weather to be here and stay for a while. Hope everyone has a good weekend........................

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April here already and the current temp here is 72 degrees. However it's overcast and there is a chance of rain, but 72 people. I hope that the weather continues to get better, Yeah April!
Has anyone noticed that there's only 39 days left until Joe and I leave for Hawaii? We couldn't be more excited. We can hardly wait. I really don't think it's so much that we're going to Hawaii, now don't get me wrong we're totally pumped about where we're going. But I mostly think it's just the whole idea that we are going on a VACATION!