Monday, April 14, 2008

In a Nut Shell....

We had such a great weekend, the weather was great, just everything was great. Friday we went to the new park in Berryville, it was awesome. We had our play date there, so it was us and four of our neighbors. Nana also went with us, what a savior she was. I don't know how I would have done it without Nana. The play ground was huge, they also have the biggest slide I've ever seen. Kelly got some great pics of it. The kids all had a great time, and I had a little fun too. I had to go down the big slide a couple of times too, Jacob wouldn't have it any other way.

After we left the park we headed home and Daddy was home early. We then decided to head over to the other side of town to the new Sonic Burger for lunch. This was my first time ever having Sonic. It was pretty good but I have to say I don't think I'll ever find a better burger than In-N-Out. I guess I'm particle growing up on them and all.

Saturday we had our neighborhood yard sale. They had been calling for rain all week. That is until late Friday night the people finally changed it to sunny and a high of 71. Yeah, I was soooo excited no rain. It turned out to be a really great day, beautiful weather, a great yard sale. We did really well and we managed to get rid of a lot of stuff. We said goodbye to our high chair, pack n play, a swing, an umbrella stroller, One of Jacob's old car seats, Jenna's infant car seat, Jacob's Little Tikes tool bench, and a some other little odd and ends toys. Last but certainly not least, was most of what we sold and that was the kids clothes. As this was also a big seller at our last yard sale. As a matter of fact I had one customer at our last sale that asked me to call her if we had another sale. And so I did and she came back again and bought just as much as she did last time. She has a little boy and she bought a ton of Jacob's clothes.

The weather was so good on Saturday, Nana and the kids joined Daddy and I for a little bit. After dinner we spent some time outside, and visited with a couple of neighbors. Mommy worked Sunday so not much to report about that day. That's about it In a Nut Shell..................


Kelly A said...

YAY!!! I am so glad you posted!!! I have been missing your blogs!

I am glad you guys were able to get rid of a bunch of stuff at your yard sale!! Johnny is still loving "bones"!! He keeps telling me how nice it was of you and Joe to let him have it!!

If you need anything or help making anything for Friday just let me know. I know you have to cook/bake a bunch of stuff and I'd be happy to help:)

Watts Up said...

Oh YAY! You must have been busy lately :) I'm happy that the yardsale was a success and the weather was perfect for it! Sometimes I'm happy that the weather peeps are WRONG! I'm dying to get over to the new park with all the posts and pics showing how great it is...I had Sonic for the first time in AK, and maybe I just don't know what to order b/c my chicken wrap was nothing special...that's what you get when trying to order healthy stuff at fast food joint! Looks like your kids loved it! Anyway, love all the pics & glad to have you back!


The Sweet Family said...

I am glad to hear the weather held off for your sale. IT also sounds like it was a great success!

The park in Berryville looks fantastic. When my children were younger, I always took them to Clearbrook park as there weren't many people; like Winchester Park.

I hope you have a great week and I love your new blog header!!