Sunday, September 21, 2008

Change is Good!

So, I did it. I got my hair cut not a trim but cut. I haven't had this much cut since probably 2001. I know such a long time. As you all know I am very attached to my hair. Very particular about how my hair is cut, who cuts it, you get the point. I had only been thinking about cutting it for a short time. I knew the longer I thought about it I wouldn't do it, and it needed to be done. Thursday I made my appointment to have it done on Friday, no time to cancel. Many people, friends and co workers included did not think I would go through with it. Everyone thought I was going to return with just another trim. Hopefully you all do notice the difference. It's at least 5 inches. I cannot say an exact number because my guy refused to talk numbers with me. I just know there was a lot of my hair on the floor. My guy told me just to tell him how short I wanted it. I did not want it shorter than my shoulders as I have never had it that short. I knew though that I had to get a decent amount cut as my ends were rather dry. My hair usually does most of it's growing or it seems like it does, during the Fall and Winter, so we will see how much grows back. I will say thus far I am very happy with my cut. It's also probably because I went back to my guy and not somewhere new. Hope everyone had a great weekend, I will post pics from the weekend tomorrow.
What do you think of our new layout for Fall? Colors okay? I'm not sure just yet.


Anonymous said...

It looks cute Jamie!! I am glad you went thru with it :)


Kelly A said...

I think your hair looks GREAT Jamie!!! I am glad you went through with it too!! I bet it feels amazing :)

I like the new colors!!

I can't wait to hear about the pumpkin patch!! (I assume that's where you were?!!)

Amy (wattsup) said...

Good for you sugar! You hair looks great & YES, I love the new layout! Happy Fall!


Michael B said...

Your hair looks great! So healthy and shiny!!

And, the new layout is adorable for fall!!

Melis B said...

You look beautiful!! I love it!!

Short is in now too. :) hee hee I hope so....

LOVE the new layout too. The fall colors are great. Do you do the banners or does Joe? I'm jealous, they look great! I wish I had the talent!


Joe F said...

Uh oh! All the girls' comments make my "I like it!" seem rather unenthusiastic. I do "love it", but I guess I didn't want to sound too much like Paul Mitchell!! It does like great!!

Joe F said...

"LOOK" great....ugh! Not "like" great!!!