Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Her Name is Jasmine.......

We are now at our third week of preschool. Starting last week Jacob has been talking about this girl at school.

Last week when he got in the car on Tuesday he said to me "Mommy I met a new girl today, she is my friend." The next day Wednesday when he got in the car again he said "Mommy, I saw my girlfriend today." "She's so pretty." After having a short conversation both days with Jacob about this girl I learned a few things about her. She is not in his class, she is in the Ducky class, she has the same color hair as Mommy. But still no name. He could not remember her name, either day. He remembered that she had a blue shirt with strawberries on it. Last Thursday when he got in the car he was so happy. He said to me "Mommy I saw me girlfriend again today, Do you know what we did?" I said "no, what did you do?" He then proceed to tell me that him and this girl played hiya(?). You know his favorite game- good guy, bad guy. Total heaven for my Jacob. She was the bad guy and he was the good guy. Apparently they are some times when they are on the playground at the same time. They also see each other when it's time to go home and everyone is waiting to be picked up.

Fast forward to this week....On Tuesday, he gets in the car to tell me he did not see his girlfriend that day. Maybe she's sick he says, he was worried, genuinely worried. It was so cute but a little sad too. Now to today. When he was getting in the car I asked Mrs. Riley what class was the ducky class. She told me that it was another four year old class that was next door and went the same days as her class. Then she asked why? I then told her that there is a girl in that class that Jacob likes. I asked Jacob if she was at school today and he said no she wasn't. When I said there was someone Jacob liked in that class she asked me who? I told her that's our little problem Jacob can't remember her name. I then told her that she hasn't been at school the last two days and we know she has my color hair. She smiled and then said "Jasmine!" That is Jasmine and she's on Vacation her family went to Disney World. Then she said Jacob has very good taste because Jasmine is a very pretty girl. So there you have it my baby boy's first crush.

Such a long explanation as usual, but would you guys really expect anything less from me? : ) I think this little crush is really cute but I am also a little sad, too. Just one more sign that my baby is growing up. Who knows what is in store for me (us)? Fun Times!

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Amy (wattsup) said...

How very kind that he was worried about Jasmine when he didn't see her at sounds like he is a big sweetheart :)