Monday, September 15, 2008

Beach Pictures!

It has literally taken me just about two weeks to finally get our beach pictures together. We have been really busy these last two weeks. With the kids starting preschool and adjusting to our new schedules, really new schedules. Just getting up is a task for us. Our kids are like me not early risers. They are also not fast eaters (?), they need a good amount of time to eat each meal. If they don't get up at decent time we are rush, rush, rushing to get out the door and to preschool on time.

Back to our beach pictures, I was going to do a cool little slide show on OTM but apparently they no longer offer slide shows. So I was stuck with using Slide, I like their site but I don't like not being able to add your own songs. You are stuck with their selections which isn't a very wide selection. Anyways, we had a great time at the beach. It was a very short trip, we left early Monday (Labor Day) and came home late Tuesday since Jacob had school on Wednesday. Short, but really fun and really needed for the end of the Summer.

Also in the last two weeks I have been to Urgent Care twice and my own Dr. once. The first time I went UC it was on Sunday before we left for the beach. I had a UTI, boy was that fun. The second time I went was this past Tuesday. I went because I found an unusual bump/lump on my head. You know in the back of your head where you can feel your skull, where those bumps are? Well one of my bumps on the left side of my head was much larger than the one on the other side. It turns out it was just a swollen Lymph Node. Just plenty of fluids and keep an eye on it, is what the UC doc said. When I followed up with my regular Dr. She said the same thing except if it continues to bother me to come back and she'll do an ultrasound. Since Thursday it seems that it has went down a little more, and I'm not getting as many headaches. That's a plus, so hopefully in a few more days it'll be gone completely. But like I said busy, I've been wanting to post but just couldn't find any time.

This morning we had a play date. It had been a while and with school and everything else going on it was just finding a convenient time for us to get together. It was nice to see the girls and catch up. Everyone seems to be adjusting to the school schedule and having fun at school. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


The Sweet Family said...

Your pics are so cute. Your kids looked like they really had a blast at the beach!

Thanks for sharing and I hope you all have a great week!!!

Kelly A said...

LOVE the slide!!

It looks like you guys had a great time!! :)