Saturday, September 27, 2008

How was your week?

What a week it has been. Well really, only two bad days but that's enough to count as "the week" in my book. On Tuesday morning we got in the car to take the kids to preschool and my check tire pressure indicator was on. No big deal I thought, this light used to come on all the time in my pilot when the weather got cooler. After I picked up the kids at preschool I went to Martin's to see if my tire did in fact need air. After checking my manual to see what my tire pressure is supposed to be, 33 PSI in front, and 35 PSI in back I got out of the car to put air in the needed tire and check the others. When I went to put air in the front passenger's tire (this is the one that was on my indicator) it was all the way down to 19PSI. I couldn't believe how low it was. We went home and then a short five hours later I got in van again to go to work and what do you know the stupid indicator was on again. I told Joe about this and he reminded me that I could look on my dash and in would tell me my exact PSI of each tire. It was back down to 23PSI. I went to work hoping that a friend's husband in tire shop could look at it and then fix it for me. No such luck. I had a huge SCREW in my tire, in a spot no less that could not be repaired. This means a whole new tire. I spent all of my morning Wednesday at Costco so they could replace my not even 6 month old tire and $168.54 later I was able to leave. I still cannot believe how much one of my tires was. So that is how my week has gone. I know it's not the worst thing that could have happened but that and this gloomy weather has put me in such a blah mood. Don't get me wrong I Love Fall, I really do love the cooler weather. I 'd like it much if rain weren't included and if it wasn't so gloomy all day long. This weather gives me no motivation to do anything, all I want to do is nothing.

Today we were supposed to go to D.C to The Annual National Book Fair. Joe has worked this for three years now. It's supposed to be really cool, but since they were calling for rain we (me and the kids) decided not to go. Joe still had to go for work of course but it's good for him, he'll get 12 hours of comp time for the day. I talked to him just a little bit ago and he said it hasn't rained much since this morning. So instead of going today the kids and I are just hanging out at home. I cleaned out the pantry, it really was overdue. I put some chili in the Crock pot for dinner tonight, for when Daddy gets home of course. I have also done quite a bit of laundry, but that's about it. Oh and I also managed to watch the season premiere of ER, in which I cried almost the whole hour. That was fun, I really hate that I am so emotional about my shows. Joe laughs at me sometimes cause he just knows when I am gonna break down. Sometimes it helps cause I tend to start laughing at him laughing at me cause it is a little silly, especially some of things I cry at. Other than crying I really enjoyed the episode and I really am gonna hate to see it go at the end of this season since this is it's last.

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend.

Coming up this week......Our Anniversary (which means a Date Night, if everything goes as planned) and Our annual Light the Night Walk. And oh my gosh it's almost October already. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Until next time....


Michael B said...

YUCK! Spending money on my car always drives me crazy! It shouldn't, but it does!

Hope this week is lots of fun. It sounds like it's going to be a good one. ; )


Kelly A said...

I cried almost the whole hour too Jamie. John was making fun of me and then I couldn't stop laughing!! What and emotional episode huh?? I am SO going to miss that show. I have been in front of my tv watching since the first season!

I'm sorry about your tire. That does suck. But least it happened now and not in the dead of winter during a snow storm!! :)

I hope you have been enjoying your weekend!! The weather should start to clear up :)

Amy (wattsup) said...

Sorry to hear about your tire! It is NEVER fun to spend $$$ on things like that! I agree about the blah weather...I can only handle about one day of rain at a time! It sounds like you all have some fun things coming up this week!!! YAY!!