Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jacob's First Day of Preschool

Getting ready to head out the door, look at his happy little face!

Jacob had his first day of Preschool today. Jenna has her first day tomorrow. His first day went relatively smooth, with the exception of us having every slow moving vehicle in front of us on the way to school this morning. We still managed to make it to school at a decent time, several kids were still not in Jacob's class when we dropped him off. I did much better than I thought I was going to do. We'll see tomorrow though, it will be my first day by myself with no kids. I know I am gonna miss them. Jenna missed Jacob today, she knew he was at school. She kept asking if we could go get him. It really was too cute. From what we could get out of Jacob he enjoyed school. He tried to tell us everything he did, and he can't wait to go back tomorrow. He met some new kids but can't remember their names just yet. He did however remember what colors they were wearing, like the blue kid. He, he! I thought that was cute that he associated people with what colors they were wearing. He got to play a little bit with his friend who is also our neighbor. Mrs. Riley said he is a sweetheart. I was glad to hear that he was good. I have always worried about that will he listen to the teacher? Cause he picks and chooses when he'll listen to me. I am glad he has chosen to listen to the teacher. Hopefully he will continue to listen to her. We really stressed this at home that he has to listen to his teacher, that he needs to be good in class, that he cannot play good guys shoot all the bad guys with the kids in school like he does at home with Daddy. I just hope that he always likes school as much as he does now, if not more. He has really made us proud. He's not a baby anymore, he really is turning into a big boy. Okay enough of my rambling, onto a couple more pictures from today.

Going into his classroom

Mrs. Riley and Jacob, the end of his first day.


Amy (wattsup) said...

How sweet...he does look excited and a little nervous :) I'm sure it is a huge adjustment...the part about Jenna asking if ya'll could go and get Jacob is precious and the "blue kid" is too funny! Wonderful stories for his 1st day...can't wait to hear about hers!


Melis B said...

He looked so cute at school, I hope he had a great day!! I can't wait to hear about Miss Jenna's first day too!!

Have a great weekend,