Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jenna's First Day of Preschool

Heading out the door, My Little Princess

Today my baby had her first day of preschool. She did very good this morning. She was all ready to go to school. She didn't even want to eat her breakfast this morning, she just wanted to go to school. It was all about going to school and getting to play with Jacob (not her brother but her friend Jacob). She was so excited. When we got there we dropped Jacob off at his classroom first and then went to her classroom. As soon as the teacher opened the door she just walked right in, no goodbye, no hug and no kiss for Mommy. I, of course called her back to me and asked for the kiss goodbye, she gave me my kiss and then went back into the classroom. When I picked them both up this afternoon they both had a good day. Jenna told me that she played with Jacob and some of the other boys and girls in her class. She also painted a picture with some fish on it. She definitely is liking the school thing, she didn't miss me. I am not surprised. With all the baby dolls and things to play with in the classroom who needs Mommy. It was so cute to see both Jacob and Jenna walking out together at the end of the day. The cutest thing ever though was what Jacob told me. He said that he didn't see Jenna all day while at school. But right before I came someone brought Jenna to him. He hugged her and then he kissed her again and again and then when Mommy came he had to stop. Jacob missed his little sister. I guess you had to be there. When he said he hugged her and kissed her there were also sound effects in the story. Jenna's teacher or the aide brings her down to Jacob's classroom right before pick up time so that I only have one pick up time as opposed to two times. It's very nice how they work with parents that have more than one child there at the school. Both Jacob and Jenna can't wait to go back to school next week.
They're off to school
Walking to her classroom

In front of her classroom door
Look at that little happy face
(in the classroom)

Pick up time


Michael B said...

Look how cute Jenna is-carrying her paper out the door and holding her teacher's hand! What an awesome week you guys had! I hope that you enjoyed the short amount of time that you had to yourself. : )

Have a great weekend!!


Amy (wattsup) said...

How cute is she with her bookbag? The pics are adorable! I'm so happy that school went well and that Jenna enjoyed is a HUGE change for the kiddos :)