Thursday, April 9, 2009

His Easter Party!

Today was Jacob's Easter party. Everything went pretty well considering. I won't bore you with all those details. On a plus side Daddy dropped by for a bit. Jacob absolutely loved that. Daddy did almost all the picture taking. That was until he had to leave. He knows so much more about the new camera. He knows how to use it so much better. At Jacob's party we did all sorts of fun stuff. First we went outside for a small egg hunt. Then it was inside to dye Easter eggs, then we had a yummy snack, then we did a really fun craft. Braden's mom found it and really did a great job organizing it. It was little Easter Bonnet/Crowns cause on Easter everyone can wear crowns. After we did the craft we had story time. In which I had to read the story this time because our normal story reader wasn't there this time. We missed you Christine. I don't really do well with speaking in front of groups even if it is all four/five year olds. I managed though, then it was time to run around outside in the nice warm sun outside. Fun Times! The weather was fantastic today I only hope it's here to stay. I hope the forecast is wrong for the weekend at least Saturday anyway, I could definitely do without the rain. Oh well, onto to the pictures... Enjoy!

The Hunt is On!-------Egg dyeing and listening to Mommy so intently
Just posing for a pic!
Jacob being his silly self----Snack time
Craft time----A class picture with the Bonnet/Crowns on.
It's really hard and sad to believe that the end of the year is almost here. The Easter parties were their last parties. I am going to miss these next year with Jacob. My little big boy is growing up way too fast. I can't believe that in a short 4 and a half months he will be starting Kindergarten already.


Kelly A said...

It looks like Jacob had a great party!!!

It is very sad sending your kids off to elementary school, but then you see how much they LOVE it and it makes it ok. I promise!!!

I just hope they put a bus stop closer to our houses in the fall. It's brutal walking down the street in the winter!!

If I don't see you before I hope you guys have a GREAT Easter!!!

lissy lue said...

Well it sounds like jacob had a GREAT TIME!!!
Jacob will love elementary!!!even I don't remember my first day the expirience of older&younger kids is fun:) Yes, the school years is almost over i can't wait, I'll for sure be out there to see my favorite cousins (and aunt and uncle)!!! Hope everything is good i miss&love you guys!!!HAPPY EASTER!!!