Friday, April 24, 2009

Take Your Kids to Work Day!

Jacob got to go with Daddy to work yesterday. He had a really good time. One of Joe's friends from work also brought her son. There was also like another hundred or so kids there. The Library of Congress was a hoppin' place yesterday. Jacob did very well considering that he got up at 4am to go with Daddy. He did nap on the way in and on the way home though. Daddy took a ton of pictures while Jacob was there, lots of Jacob and some of just of The Library with the new camera. Here are some of the 160 some odd pictures Joe took.......

Starting out the day-----Sitting at Daddy's desk

Jacob and Caleb getting ready for breakfast---Jacob in the main Reading Room

Jacob didn't like how high the ceiling way in the MRR---Sitting at a readers desk

Align Center
Taking it all in, still in the MRR---This is the room where some of "Book of Secrets" was filmed.

More books---Jacob and Caleb loved the interactive touch screens
In The Great Hall---Going up stairs, now
Jacob looking at The Capitol, next door----Another interactive screen, in The Great Hall
Filling out his paper work for his fingerprinting--Getting his prints done in the badging office
In the book stacks, behind the scenes
What a day they had. Joe's boss asked where Jacob was today. He enjoyed his company, I guess. He's getting to be such a big boy. My little man. I can't believe that the school years almost over and before we know it he's going to start Kindergarten. Hmmm.......My baby, Kindergarten.
In other news Jenna is feeling much better. Fever is gone for the most part. She is 100% acting like her normal self. We will still be on antibiotics for another 6 and 1/2 days. She is also only wearing Pull-Ups at night now. Woo Hoo! She's doing so good with the potty training. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that will be good to go for our WDW/Cruise trip. That's in 22 Days for anyone that keeping track with me. We leave for our trip down in 3 weeks from tomorrow. I am trying to slowly get things together so I am not doing it at the last minute. We are supposed to have some more nice weather tomorrow. We had a really nice day today. We hung out in the yard for a bit today. The kids had a ball hanging out with their friends, it took some coaxing to get them to come in. They are loving this nice weather just as much as I am.


Kelly A said...

That must have been SO much fun for Jacob to go to work with his Daddy!!! Joe took GREAT pictures!!

The kids had fun playing outside yesterday!! I now officially have my flip flop tan!! YAY!!

If we don't see you again I hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!!

The Sweet Family said...

What a fantastic day he had!

Sorry so late on posting. Just trying to get all caught up on my bloggies!

Have a great rest of the week!!