Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Fun Day!

Yesterday was a busy but fun day. In the morning we had friends over for a play date. The kids had a ball, mostly running around the house chasing each other. Then when it was time to leave the weather was really nice outside, so they decided to chase each other around outside a bit. After our play date we had lunch and then we ran to Target to get some candy for our trip to the movies. When Nana got home we headed out the door to meet Daddy at the movies. We went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. It was a very cute movie, Jacob enjoyed it very much. Jenna however did not wear her 3D glasses at anytime during the movie. She still enjoyed it though. The 3D effects were very cool. Jacob is ready to see it again. However we will be waiting for it to come to the $2.50 movies here in town. It will more than likely not be in 3D as those tickets were $4.00 more each ticket. But it will still be good nonetheless. After the movies we "had" to go to McDonald's for dinner for the kids as the started the toys for the Monsters vs. Aliens movie.

Jacob in his 3D glasses---------Jenna with her glasses on top of her head
While watching the movie we discovered that there is a couple more movies that are coming out in 3D this summer. Disney has a new movie called UP. Also one of Jacob's favorite movies is being re released in the fall. Toy Story is going to be back at the movies in October in 3D and then Toy Story 2 is to be re released on February 12th,2010 and TOY STORY 3 to be released June 18th, 2010.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend........


Kelly A said...

I am glad that the kids enjoyed the movie! What a great family night!!!

Maybe we'll go with you when it comes to the cheap theater!! Hee Hee!!

I hope you have a good day a work tomorrow and that it's not too busy!

Christine said...

Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for having us over in the morning!