Thursday, December 13, 2007

Proof that she really does talk

I know most of you think that my baby girl is this shy little girl who just smiles all the time.Well I'm here to tell ya she really does talk and Daddy got me some proof to show all of you. Please take note of the wonderful Narrator/word prompter, Daddy. First I am going to warn you it is a little long almost 2 minutes. But it is so worth watching the whole thing cause Jenna is just too cute.Secondly the quality isn't the greatest cause we had to reduce the size for One True Media. I hope everyone enjoys this little video of Jenna.Hopefully, everyone in the family will get a look at the video. I know that it won't be long before Jenna will officially be named Magpie#3 from my Grandma and Grandpa. A little history if you will....When I was about 9 years old I spent what was supposed to be two weeks with my grandparents and my aunt who is five years older than me. The two weeks turned into two months of the summer. Well by the end of the summer I had talked so much that my grandparents nick named me Magpie. Then along came my cousin Ashlee who is now 15 and she has been named Magpie#2. So it's only fitting that my baby girl be named Magpie#3 and from the looks of where she's at now she's going to be quite the talker just like her Mommy. So here you go enjoy..................


Kelly A said...

She is so cute!! I just LOVE her facial expressions when trying to pronounce words!!!

What a sweetie!!

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hope you are feeling better!!

Melis B said...

That is really sweet. She is getting so big. She is really good at pronoucing those long words too. :)

Have a great weekend~melissa

Melis B said...

LOVE the new banner! It's so festive!!

Hope you had a great weekend and the party was a total success. :)

Kelly A said...

I LOVE the new banner too!!! Very cute!!

I had a great time on Sat!! My MIL said the cake was delicious!!!

I hope Jacob got LOTS of cool stuff!!