Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teeth...Gotta hate those little buggers

My poor little baby girl is getting in not one but two teeth right now. She really has never had too much trouble with her teeth coming in. Just a little fussiness, maybe a slight fever but that's about it. Well for about a week or so on and off they have really been bugging her. She picks and chooses when she wants to eat, and what she wants to eat of course. She was a little under the weather the first day we were gone on vacation. I think that's probably when they really started coming through. It is two of her bottom teeth, she has already gotten in her first little molars down there. I am not quite sure exactly what teeth it is, Jenna really doesn't want to let me look in her mouth for too long.

She was really fussy this evening when I left for work. I really hated leaving her, Joe said she fussed for about an hour. While fussing she would not let him near her, she wanted nothing to do with anyone. She then napped for another hour or so, woke for a little bit of dinner. I had a special greeting tonight when I walked in the door at about 11p.m. My darling daughter "Mama's home, Dada" She was too cute even if it was 11p.m. She had the hugest little smile on her face. I hope that these teeth come in sooner rather than later. I also really hope that there's no more pain involved for my baby.

Oh ya Jenna's gonna be TWO in like two weeks. I cannot believe it. They really do grow up too fast.

Get a load of this cheesy face

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McCoy said...

miss you guys!!!!!!