Saturday, June 28, 2008

Splashin' @ Splash Island

On Sunday we went to the Plainfield Aquatic Center, Splash Island. It's this huge facility with indoor and outdoor things. When we first got there it started to rain so we all had to take cover, under the outside awnings. That's until we discovered there was a kids fun zone type thing inside. Alyssa and I took the kids inside to play. While Daddy, John and Andrew Jr. (Bubbers) decided to play basketball at the indoor courts. I wish I had gotten a picture of them playing ball. I did however manage to get some good pics of the kids playing in the tubes. Alyssa had to go in with Jenna as some of the stuff was a little hard to maneuver through by herself. And lets face it Alyssa is just a little bit smaller than me. Not by much though I'll give her another year and she'll probably be taller than me. After the weather calmed down outside we were given the okay to head back out and into the water. Not only did they have the little play water area for the young ones they also had three fairly good size slide. You had to be at least 48" to ride on those and they also had a huge lap pool with two diving boards. And the best part you ask? It was only $4.00 each for Joe and I to get in, and the kids we're both $2.00 a piece. It was really fun for all of us, the kids spent most of the time with their cousins John and Alyssa. If they weren't swimming with them then they were hanging out with Nana and Aunt Michele. So Joe and I were able to have some fun of our own. I personally liked the slides, John, Alyssa and Myself raced each other quite a few times down the slides. We also had a lot of fun on this rope thing where you held onto ropes and had to walk on moving objects in the water. We were also trying to beat each other's times on that. Joe had the best time only 5.10 seconds. It was hilarious to watch everyone go across that. In the montage there's a pic of Bubbers, John, Alyssa and Andy going across it. They also had this little island on one end of the park where there was lots of water shooting up out of the ground. This by far was Jacob's favorite thing. He loved running around the island taking a whack at every water fountain. There's a short video at the end of the montage. We didn't get there til after Noon but we ended up closing the place. Well really the weather did but we left right along with it. Okay I know that's enough already. Enjoy!


Kelly A said...

Man....Alyssa has really grown up since I saw her last summer!! I LOVE the picture of her and Jenna with their foreheads touching!! Very sweet!

I am glad you guys had a nice time visiting family :)

Thanks for the heads up about Old Navy! I had NO idea about the sale. It was packed but I managed to get there and get my five pairs!!! I LOVE a good sale!! :)

Melis B said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! We'll have to check it out. Love the slideshow!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,