Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Closer...

It's getting so much more real. My babies are going to preschool in the fall. Both of their teachers called me today. We will be going to meet them the last week in August, so the kids can see their classrooms, and get acquainted with the teacher and the school. I am really happy because Jacob's teacher came with good recommendations, I requested this specific teacher and we got her. Not only is she a good teacher, Jacob will have one of his friends, who's also a neighbor in his class. His mom is who recommended this teacher, Thanks again Christine. Jenna will also have one of her friends in her class and well as far as the teacher goes we will see. There's only one two year old class on the days she's going. The kids are getting more excited. They both have their back packs now, Jenna, Dora of course and Jacob decided on Transformers. In just a little over a month they will start preschool. Oh boy!
We are getting ready to leave now to go to D.C. for our Kickoff Party/Baseball game. I think the Nats are playing the Phillies. Keep your fingers crossed for us for no rain. The last baseball game we attempted got rained out. This will be Jenna's first baseball game and Jacob's 2nd. Hope every one's having a great Thursday. Yeah tomorrow's Friday! The Weekend!

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Melis B said...

How exciting about preschool. I know my kids are excited too! AC started crying this morning b/c she wanted to go to school TODAY! It was TOO cute. :)

Enjoy the game and have a great weekend,