Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catching Up!

It feels like it has been so long since my last post. We have been very busy. Our computer is temporarily (hopefully) broken. Joe is in the process of trying to fix it. For now I am using his laptop. This means no pics, at least for now. The computer and laptop are connected so I usually just get the pics that way but for some reason the laptop did not receive the last little bit pics we uploaded to the computer.

One week ago Saturday (the 13th) we had Jacob's birthday party. It went pretty good considering we had 11 kids at our house. Not to much drama considering. Jacob had a great time and that's really what matters right? We also went to a friend's Christmas party that evening. There was some nice Mommy and Daddy time with other adults. The day before that on Friday we had our family pictures taken and we also visited with Santa. That also went really good. We ended up with some great pictures from both sittings.

This past week Jenna had here Christmas party on Tuesday and then we had Jacob's on Wednesday. Both were great parties. Jacob's could have been a lot worse though. Two of the party parents were no shows. Myself and another mom who were just there did our part to help as much as we could. All in all it was fun. Thursday was the kids last day of school and they had their Christmas Program that day also. It was really cute and I can't wait to share pictures.

I did a whole lot of baking this past week more than I have ever done. A good part of which I did into the wee hours of the night. I had to bake for Jenna's party, Daddy's party and then I baked some stuff for the girls at work, and then of course I had to have some for at home.

On Friday we left really early in the a.m. and headed up to New York for a very short trip. It snowed, hailed, sleeted, and all that good stuff most of the way up. The drive was a little longer because of the weather, but we still got there at a decent time. Spent all day Friday and most of the day Saturday there leaving the city in the early evening and getting home @ midnight again because of weather and traffic. We all had a great time even with the freezing cold weather. Cannot wait to share pictures from that either.

Jacob and Jenna have both had a bit of colds on and off also. Along with their colds has been a good amount of coughing. With this we ended up with some lovely throwing up episodes. My poor babies. But we seemed to be passed that hopefully, just a little leftover snot.

So there you have it our last week in half. I will share some pics just as soon as I can. Hope everyone else is having a fun, and safe holiday season. Christmas is just two short days away. Are you ready?

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