Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Growing Boy

On Monday Jacob had his five year well check up. I knew that he had grown over the last year but I just I didn't realize how much. He now stands a tall 43 and 3/4 inches. That is the 51st percentile. Last year at his well check up he was exactly 40 inches tall. He also gained just over 4lbs he went from 38lbs to 42.4lbs. This is the 73rd percentile. I just can't get over how much he is growing and what a big boy he is becoming. He really is five now. Lately he's on this homework kick, which is very good. I just hope he always loves his homework like he does now. I bought him a little workbook at the dollar tree to help him practice his writing. He finished the book in less than one day. He started it and did not want to stop until he was finished with it. That's exactly what he did too. A few days this week he wanted to do nothing other than color his homework. Really it was just a coloring book we had bought him for Christmas. I've bought him another workbook from work this time and it's a pretty big one. It covers so much more in it and he cannot wait to start it. Like I said I just hope he continues to love doing his homework.

On another note we are also excited that he is almost 44 inches as this means there will be that many more rides he will be able to ride at WDW. When he was measured at the Dr's, that was with no shoes. Certainly with shoes and even if he doesn't grow from now until May he will definitely be 44 inches. I am sure he will do some more growing between now and May. There's a few rides that Daddy cannot wait to take him on, now that we know he's tall enough.
I know that I've said this many times before, but boy does time fly. I honestly don't know where the month of January went to. I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of February already.

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