Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Jenna....

Seriously where in the world does time go? My BABY has went from.....

June 2006

To this......

May 2009

Just look at that little mischievous look on her face. I cannot believe that three years has gone by. It seems like not that long ago I was pregnant with her. She is such a character. She constantly has Joe and I on our toes. She's full of energy and she is definitely her Mommy's girl. Or at least I am told, when it comes to her personality. She's very opinionated and independent. Most of the time she wants to do what she wants to do and in her own way. She will always let you know if you are doing something different than the way she wants it. Like the whole potty thing. Some days it's all on her own and others it's Mommy you have to watch me, too cute. There's also her little soft girlie side. Yesterday she made it so hard for me to leave for work. She was pleading with me to stay home. "Mommy please don't go to work. Just stay Mommy." It broke my heart. She is also always wanting in on what her brother is doing. When they are getting along they are the cutest things in the world. Just too cute to describe, the way they are so kind to each other. I could go on and on about her and how much she has grown into to her own little person but I won't. Three people, my baby is three.


We love you baby girl. You make our lives so complete.

With lots and lots of love,

Mommy,Daddy and Jacob



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It seems like yesterday when you, Becky and I went walking with Jacob and Logan and you were still pregnant - time flies! Happy Birthday, Jenna!