Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our Super Duper Mini Chefs

This morning we ventured to our mall to join the hundreds of people for The Kidgits Club activity Super Duper Mini Chefs. It started at 11:00 am and went until 1:00pm. We were there the entire two hours. The kids really enjoyed it. We had to wait in line a while since we were running late as usual and didn't get in line until 11am. Once we got into the activity area it wasn't as bad. There was eight different activity stations, Fruit Smoothies, Build a Snack, Nugget Dips, Cookie Making, Apron/Potholder Craft,Measuring Activity, Pizza Roll Ups, and Cereal Necklace. Plus the kids got an apron and chef hat to wear while doing the activities and a little gift bag that was a baking kit. The baking kit came with an actual 6 cup muffin pan. a whisk, a bowl, a couple cookie cutters and measuring spoons. They both can't wait to use them in our kitchen to help Mommy.

Jacob's T-ball practice was cancelled again because of the rain. Hopefully the weather will hold up this as he is supposed to have practice again on Thursday. Then on Saturday his team has pictures. We don't have too much other than that going on. We are going to try and get together with some friends this week for the kids to play. Again counting on the weather holding up for us.

Now for some pictures of my little chefs.......

Fun Times!

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Melis B said...

That looks so fun! What a great idea! I didn't eve know the mall did fun things like that.

The pictures are adorable!!