Sunday, August 30, 2009

"First Day of School, First Day of School........"

Jacob had his first day of Kindergarten on Wednesday the 26th. He had a great first day and he is enjoying going to school. We made it through the first week, it was only three days but we still made it. I think that I did pretty well with him going to school. I only cried for a minute when he got on the bus and when it drove away. After he got on the bus we drove over to the school and watched him get off the bus from the street. He was so cute, just hopped right off and into the school he went. He's very excited because he has some friends in his class, one of our neighbors' and a boy that went to his preschool. He is really enjoying riding the bus. It's the cutest thing, when he comes home in the afternoon it's him, Lauren and Johnny (who is now in 1st grade) all sitting in the same seat together. He brought home some homework on Friday and had to do it as soon as we walked in the front door. I just hope he stays this ambitious about homework through the rest of his school career. Now onto the pictures.........
Walking out the front door to the bus stop.

With Mommy at the bus stop and with Daddy
Align Center

With Sissy

Waiting for the bus

Here comes the bus......Good Morning Jacob!
There he goes.......

Hopping off the bus just as happy as he can be

Going into the building

On his way home!
Are you Jacob Fiocca?

Here he comes still smiling...A good first day!

With his friends..Lauren and Johnny

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Melis B said...


I can't believe how old they all look. Are they really in kindergarten? Crazy