Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birthday Party and More.....

Jacob jumping off the slide at Kavon's

Jacob playing pin the dog tag on Scooby

All the birthday party kids!

Jacob,Johnny,Kavon and Logan

Okay so for those of you who did not here my car is on it's way to being fixed and we should have it back no later than Wednesday. It turns out that it was not the transmission but it's a broken axle. And this is apparently a KNOWN problem with my year of pilots. It has yet to be a recall though. When the mechanic that went to check my car out went to call and order my new transmission Honda told him to check something else. Well this something else was the axle. So the part has been order and should arrive at Miller Honda today. With that being said Jason our service advisor said we should have it back by Wednesday. That means no issues of not having a car for our short beach trip this coming Monday. YEAH!!

On Saturday morning we went over to our neighbor/friends house for a birthday party. It was Kavon's 3rd birthday. The kids had a blast running all over the place and they even played a game pin the dog tag on Scooby Doo. It was a Scooby Doo party.We ate pizza and then had cake and ice cream. It was a very cute Scooby cake with yummy chocolate icing. Just Mommy,Daddy and Jacob went Jenna stayed home with Nana.

The rest of the afternoon we just hung out at the house and then we went to one of our favorite places to eat here in town Sansui. After dinner we went next door to Pet Co so Jacob could look at all the animals he loves.When we came home we decide to hang out outside for a little while since the weather had cooled down a lot. Jenna decided to take a little spin in Jacob's Cozy Coupe and she loved it. On Sunday of course Mommy had to go to work. Yuck, and let me tell you it wasn't a very pleasant day at all. We we're very short handed and the customers were coming in in droves. Everyone was doing all of that last minute back to school shopping. It was absolute madness in my store. Hopefully we'll just have a few more days of this and then it will be calm again that is until the holidays are here. I know I shouldn't mention it but before we know it the stores will start putting out the Christmas stuff. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Jacob looking at the kitten's at Pet Co

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Kelly A said...

I'm so glad you posted something new Jamie!!! (hee hee!!)

I haven't downloaded my bday pics yet..I will post some after I do!!!

I'm sorry about work and hope it gets better soon:(