Friday, August 24, 2007

What Next?????

Last night I wasn't sure about what to blog about and now this happens.

Okay so there's a picture of it, My beautiful car a 2006 Honda Pilot. We got it in October of 2005, so it's not even two years old yet. And so the adventure begins.....
Today Thursday,myself and the kids were loaded in the car and on our way to a play date at the Burger King down the highway from us. We were meeting two of our neighbors there as well as their four kids. We were going to this particular BK because it has a little play ground there that's perfect for our toddlers. As I am pulling out of the neighborhood right behind Kelly I might add, my car makes this horrible noise like I had just run over a huge rock or something. Only I didn't run over anything. So I pulled over put the car in park and walked around and couldn't see anything that was obviously wrong.I put the car back in drive and it would barely move.I managed to get the car turned around towards home and that was about it. Now when I put it in park it made this horrid grinding sound. So I packed the kids up and walked home.Joe called the dealership and then a tow truck. The Honda dealer now has my car and we won't know anything for sure until tomorrow.Joe and myself seems to think it's probably the transmission. This should hopefully be a warranty item.
So besides having a broken car I had a very upset little boy. Jacob was so sad that Mommy's car was broke and he was not getting to go to BK and play with his friends. He kept saying Daddy's car help us. It was so cute but also so sad at the same time. Then the whole walk home he said, bye bye mama's truck. My big boy is just too cute. That was our adventure for today. My car will probably be at the dealership for the next week. Hopefully we will get it back before we go to the beach next Monday Labor Day. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Kelly A said...

I'm so sorry about your car Jamie. That really sucks :(

We missed you guys at BK :( We'll have to do it again after you get your car back!!!

I will pray for good things for your car!!! I know how much mine means to me:)

Joe F said...

Well, the diagnosis is in! Later yesterday afternoon I received a call from the local Honda dealer. Expecting to hear that the tranny needed to be replaced, I was instead provided some slightly more comforting news. Apparently, the technician had checked it out and initially reached the same conclusion Jamie and I were suspecting. When he called Honda to order a new transmission, he was informed that Honda is aware of problem with the drive/axle and requested the technician put it back in the garage and pull one out. When the technican attempted to pull on side out of the tranny case, sure enough, out came only half. The drive axle had broke. Although this still wasn't good news, it has a much better chance of getting repaired before our trip to Ocean City. The service advisor explained that the part had already been ordered and that it will be there on Monday. Pilot should be ready for pickup on Tuesday or Wednesday.

So now I am feeling strange though..You see, Jamie and I have had nothing but Honda products for ever! Even when we were dating we were driving Hondas! Look, between the two of us, we have owned an 87 CRX, 96 Integra, 97 Civic, 98 Integra, 99 Civic, 00 CRV, 03 Civic, 03 CRV, 06 Civic, and now the 06 Pilot! What's that, 10 Hondas!!! We have had nothing but stellar reliability from our past experiences, so this is quite a shock for us both. I think the Pilot has only 24,000 miles on it?? My civic already has 75,000 miles on (those daily trips to DC will do it to ya!), but no problems - knocking on the wooden desk..... Although this happened, I'm sure the trust we have in the reliability of the Honda product will be earned again!

Kelly A said...

Ok Jamie.....what's going on with you guys over there? We WANT somemore information!!!!!