Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Snowing!!!

Well the weather man was finally right for once when he predicted snow. I don't know how long it will snow for or how much we will actually get but we are getting our first snow of the season. I am enjoying just being able to stay in the house and watching it snow from the inside. Jacob was supposed to have his weekly speech today but the school's on early dismissal so I've opted not to take both the kids out in this cold weather. What I have attempted to do today however is take some pictures of the kids for our Christmas cards that I should have started at least a week ago. And I have to say I'm having just about as much luck as K over at The Abel Boys. What a chore it has been, Jacob is being such a good big brother is sitting patiently waiting for Jenna to cooperate for Mommy. Wait till everyone sees what a big boy my Jacob looks like in his cute little outfit Mommy picked out for their pictures. And well Jenna just looks like my little princess as usual, but a non cooperative one. Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy and enjoying this weather from the inside.


Kelly A said...

Can you believe this weather??? Crazy!

I'm sorry about Jenna and pics....I truly feel your pain!

Melis B said...

Good luck with the whole photo thing, I know how hard it is too. Neither of my kids are even looking for our card. :)

Best of luck....Melis