Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Princess is 18 Months Old.....

Yep you read that right my baby girl is 18 months old as of yesterday Dec 5th. Can you believe it? I sure can't. Time just flies by way to fast especially when they're this young. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating Jenna's First Birthday. Where does time go? So on to the all important statistics of my growing girl. Her weight is 18lbs and12oz. For those of you keeping track that's a weight gain of 1lb 4oz from her last check up at 15 months. Jenna is still in the negative side of the percentile chart. But as the Dr said before she's still growing and she's on her own little curve just below the curve of the regular scale. We're still gonna have to wait little while longer before we can turn her car seat around. I am hoping that if she keeps growing at this rate she will be 20lbs by March and then she'll be sitting forward like her big brother. She is now a tall 30 1/2 inches that's a growth of 1/2 inch from her last checkup. Today for the very first time ever our pediatrician who I love (none of the other Dr's in our practice, have ever done this) said if she had to guess Jenna's height she would guess that she's going to be around 5' 3" or 5'4". So she's gonna be taller than Mommy. How about that? Not by much,but if she's right she said she thinks she's definitely gonna be taller than me. That really doesn't surprise me though because I am the shortest one in my family (Mom,Dad, and Brother). Our Dr has been saying all along that she was going to be petite like Mommy. Jenna had to have 3 shots today my poor baby. Two normal ones for 18 months and the third one was her Flu shot.
We also decided to have Jacob get his Flu shot today. It was really pretty sad because this was the first time he had a shot where he really was aware that it was coming. Today was also his first shot in his arm. Mommy held onto him tight and he only cried for a second when it went in. Sorry that I changed the subject from Jenna so quickly but, do you all realize that Christmas is just 19 days away? Do you realize what else that means? My baby boy is going to be FOUR in just 19 days. Like I said before where does time go? Tomorrow is Friday and I'm off Yes! Happy Friday everyone!

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Kelly A said...

I'm sorry about all of the shots....especailly for Jacob. That's tough.

Jenna is getting so big!!! Her hair is getting so long too!! What a sweetie!