Thursday, December 20, 2007

Presents Under the Tree

I don't know about you all but I've never not had presents under the Christmas tree this close to Christmas. In the fourteen years that Joe and I have been together we have never not had presents under the tree with only 5 days left till Christmas. Even in the last four years with kids we've never been this late. Well I'm glad to say that finally last night we put a few presents under the tree. None of the presents are from us. We received our package from Grandma/Grandpa, my Mom and Dad last night so we put those presents under the tree. We also had our dinner at our friends in Sterling last night. You know the one that was catered from Outback Steakhouse for our team raising the most money at the Reston Light the Night Walk . So we came home with a couple gifts from Nancy for the kids.The dinner was great by the way and it was a nice time for visiting with friends. Also today when we got home from a short trip out we had a package on the step from Joe's sister and family. So the tree is finally starting to look like it's almost Christmas. How's everyone else doing with the whole present wrapping thing? I haven't wrapped anything for the kids or Joe the only gifts I've wrapped are for presents I had to get in the mail and I didn't do that until yesterday. Hope every one's having fun getting ready for Christmas.

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