Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally Pictures

Here they are as promised pictures finally. I am starting with the most complicated one first this is some of the family that we got to see while in PA. I have noted who everyone is below the picture.This is Nana, her mom, her brother, his wife and their three boys (V,A,S),also one of Joe's other cousins(MA),then his sister, her husband and her two kids(J,A) and lastly the four of us.I think that covers everyone.
This has been an interesting week and a half Joe and I have come to the conclusion that our kids are crazy.What Jenna likes to do for fun is run in circles until she's so dizzy that she collapses.It's hilarious but she's crazy. And well Jacob he's just Jacob still as crazy as ever. They have been really keeping us on our toes . The pic at the bottom is from just a couple of days ago when Jenna and I were in the computer room. She got quiet for a minute then walked up beside me with the Sharpie in hand and Sharpie all over her hands ,some on her face and lets not forget the neck.She thought she was just the cutest.
On a side note work has been reaaallly slooooow. My five little hours at night are going by slow. I know that January is always a slow month for us but my gosh. We're still getting some weird returns.Some of our customers still even have that warm holiday spirit (NOT). They are getting meaner and meaner I tell ya. Oh but on a good note I got to wear jeans to work on Wednesday and Thursday. I know little things excite me it's just the last several times they've had jeans days they're always on Fridays the day I don't work. This time it was for a great cause Children's Miracle Network. All we had to do is pay a quarter a day and it went CMN, and I got to be comfy at work for once.Enough about work.I'm off today, yeah!
Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully it's not too terribly cold.
Oh and last but certainly not least that for the prayers my grandpa seems to be doing well and is at home now.Thanks Again!
From top left to right:Anthony,Aunt Lisa,John(nephew),Vinnie,
Nana,Steven, Andy(brother-in-law),Mary Ann,Uncle Carl,Grandma Emma,
Michele(Joe's sister),Me,Alyssa(niece),Jacob,Jenna,and Joe.

Jenna and Jacob A. @ our play date

The wonderful road conditions on our way up

Jacob on the drive up to PA
Jacob was not ready for this pic,
but the two girls were
Jenna and their cousin Sara
Jacob so proud of his many Potato Heads
Jenna decided to color herself with a Sharpie

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Kelly A said...

Isn't it so funny how children think it's fun to test markers and pens out on themselves!!! Too cute!!

I am glad your Grandpa is doing well!