Friday, January 11, 2008

Yummy,Yummy in my Tummy

This past Sunday while I was at work I came across this Southern Living Cooking School book that at some point during the Holidays Wal-Mart gave away free to customers. I have gotten a couple of these freebies in the past I think the last one I got was over the Summer. Anyways these books have lots of recipes in them from appetizers to entrees to desserts. Usually I just browse through them and then they go in the cupboard with the rest of my recipe books. For most of you who know me pretty well know that I am not much of a cook, I don't usually get real fancy and my baking usually consist of a box of brownie mix. But this time a recipe in this book really caught my eye, and I thought why not this looks easy enough I could make this and they do look extra yummy. So I bought the ingredients that I thought I needed and then I went home. I was a little to tired to do anything that night so the next day Monday I decided I was going to make these yummy Chocolate Chip-Pecan Squares. Oh my gosh these things are so scrumptious and so so easy to make. As a matter of fact they're so easy to make I've made them twice this week. Yep twice, only because I promised one of the other CSM Ruth that when I made them I would bring in some for her to taste cause every time she makes goodies she brings some in for me so I thought it was only fair. When I made them on Monday Ruth was not working for the next two days and by the time Wednesday rolled around well we only had two left and well they would have never made it in to work. So this afternoon (well really yesterday, because of the time now) I made another batch. Only Joe told me if I made them again I had to take them all with me that I could not leave any at home. He really likes them too much and would be tempted to eat them all he,he! So I only left two pieces at home one for him and one for his Mom the rest went with me to work. These little pieces of heaven are so darn good. One more thing I am not usually a real big fan of nuts unless it's a Hershey's bar with almonds. I kinda have a small addiction to these candy bars, I quite frequently eat them for my break at work, I know. I really know how to go off on a tangent I'm sorry but for those of you who like to bake you have to give these little things a try. Oh and have fun...

One more thing before I go what the heck is up with the price of milk? I don't know if anyone else bought milk today or in the last couple of days, but I swear when I bought milk last week it was not as expensive as it was today. Now normally 2% milk is like around $3.59 or so at Wal-Mart and this is Wal-Marts Great Value brand. Maybe even a little less I think I usually pay $3.59 for Jenna's whole milk. Well tonight I paid a wooping $4.27 for a gallon of 2% milk. I could not believe it when the cashier rang it up. She then proceeded to tell me that the customer in front of me bought whole milk and it was over $5.00 for that milk. What is wrong with this picture $5.00 for a gallon of milk? I seriously can't believe this. I really try not to do a whole lot of complaining on our blog but this is ridiculous and I just had to see if anyone else has the same views as me. I will be making a trip to Martin's this weekend to see of their milk also went up. Unless some can tell me it did in fact because they just bought milk there or at Foodlion or any other store besides Wal-Mart. Okay I think I've got it all out now, sorry about that little rant I just had to get it out. But please do tell me if it's just me or is this price increase on milk is CRAZY!


Kelly A said...

OMG....That is CRAZY. Five dollars for milk. I just bought a gallon of 2% at costco last night and it was $3.27....but I have to say I think the prices here in Winchester are much more expensive than east of here. I was in the Leesburg Target the other day and their prices on food were much lower than ours. I guess they have a lot more competition down there than we do. We just don't have 10 different grocery stores out here!!!LOL! I know my parents and my in-laws get much better sales at Giant than we EVER get here. It kinda sucks.
I really hope the milk isn't going to stay that price....we go through a TON of it over here!

The bars look delicious!!! I LOVE chocolate and nuts!!

We can't wait to see you guys on feels like it's been FOREVER!

Joe F said...


The bars are soooo good! I find myself trying be good and only eating a very small piece. Problem is, I eat like 40 SMALL pieces!!! Next thing you know, half of them are gone!!! Anyway, well done!!! Love ya!

Jessica said...

Holy crud those sound really really good. REALLY GOOD.
And thank God my kids don't drink milk, b/c otherwise I seriously would be broke. 5 kids in diapers AND in milk?? oh goodness... I'd be done. :)