Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crazy Weather...

How about this crazy weather we're having? Right at this moment it is 27 degrees and there is freezing rain. It was also doing this on my way home tonight. The roads however were not as bad as I thought they would be. I really wish that it would just pick something to do and just do it. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Ice but just one at a time. I don't know about where everyone else is but here it pretty much snowed on and off for most of the day. Never really amounting to anything,then when I left for work this evening it decided to start raining a little bit. And as for the rest of the week tomorrow it's supposed to be rainy, then sunny on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Friday the high is supposed to be in the 50's and then back to a high in the 30's on Sat. Then get this on Sunday a high in the 40's but a chance of a Wintery mix? I really don't like this on again off again weather. I am so ready for Spring to be here. Come on sunny days and weather in the 70's. Hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy weather.

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Kelly A said...

I second that!!

Bring on SPRING:)