Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tide to Go...Hillarous

So I don't know if everyone seen the hillarous Tide to Go commercials but they are to funny. And for the record those little sticks really do work. Worth every penny in my opinion. Quick story....I was as usual running late to work on day last week and stopped at the Arby's drive thru to grab a bite to eat. I was literally two lights from work and taking my second to the last bite of my favorite sandwich there, the beef n' cheedar (on a regular bun, of course) and plop goes some cheese and sauce onto my light colored khaki pants. Oh crap I say! No time to go home I'm already almost late what the heck am I going to do, I can't look like a slob the whole night at work especially from the moment I walk in the door. It's one thing to have my pants dirty after I've been working a while but to go in with them dirty is just wrong. Then I remembered one day some one at work telling me how great the Tide to go stick works. I had like five or so stains on my pants now. Anyways I bought a stick as soon as I got to work headed to the back and go to making that little pen work. After a few minutes my stains we're all just about gone. I had one that you could bearly see I mean you would have to have been kneeled down standing right in front of me looking at my pants to notice it. Why am I telling you this story because Joe sent me the cutest email tonight and I just have to share it. Here's my Jacob's commercial debut.... I just love it he's too cute! Oh yeah you can enter to win one of a 1,000 prizes daily too. And one last thing I shared my wonderful little story here on their website and you can vote for me : -)

P.S Bloggers spell check is not working so I am sorry about any mistakes I have made.

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Kelly A said...

Very cute:)

I hope you and Joe have a Wonderful Valentine's Day dinner tonight!!! I am so jealous that you have a babysitter!!!!