Monday, February 25, 2008

Late Breaking News......

Some exciting news for Joe and I. But for most of our readers this is not new, news. I still think however that it is Blog worthy news. Most of you also know that it has only been on a very rare occasion that we have been away from the kids overnight. On our 5 year wedding anniversary we went on a cruise, this was our first time away from Jacob and he was only 9 months old. This was VERY hard for me emotionally and physically. But that stories for another day and another post. And of course when Jenna was born we stayed at the hospital with her and we we're then away from Jacob for only the second time.Okay getting back to the story at hand. I first must say we have WONDERFUL friends!! With that being said friends of ours, another couple of course has a timeshare and well this year they are getting a two bedroom. So they so kindly invited us to come along with them on their vacation. We so graciously accepted and have since bought our plane tickets. Coaxed Nana into watching the kids for us for 6 and 1/2 days. And we've now started to plan our activities for our little trip with our friends. And so here it is ........

Countdown Calendars

Yep, you read that right we are going to Kauai,Hawaii and we are so excited.Yes of course we are sad and nervous at the same time about leaving the kids.But this is a vacation that we need and quite honestly I think that we both thought we'd never get to go back to Hawaii.This is also a vacation that we so deserve.And also how many opportunities does one get to go to Hawaii and not have to pay for your room? I don't think this is something that very common, but hey I could be wrong.
For those of you who don't know this we went on our honeymoon to Hawaii, we went to the big island and stayed in Kona. That was a wonderful trip we had a great time but getting there was a little bit of a different story. This was when Joe still worked for United and we had to fly standby. Yeah fun, right? No, we spent most of our first day of our honeymoon in the San Francisco airport trying to get on a flight. But it all turned out good for us our hotel was very accommodating since we got there a day later. This time we have confirmed seats, yeah! We had a fabulous time and are looking forward to another fabulous time. We've already got a boat trip planned for one day and a Kayaking trip planned (a first for me!) for another day and of course a Luau one night and a driving trip another day. The trip seems like it's so far away yet we've already got almost the whole week planned. Which is really weird for us cause we're not usually planners, we just do things. But there's so much we want to do this time we thought it was best to plan as much as we could. Will keep you posted as we get closer to our trip. Yeah!


Kelly A said...

I am SO SO excited for you guys!!!

I'm sure you and Joe will have an amazing time!!!

You guys deserve some time alone!!

Melis B said...

OMG~that is so awesome!! You and Joe will have a blast!!

I was just like you when we left the kids for a whole week, it's a little nerve wracking, but once you get there, you will have a great time!!

Enjoy the planning too, that's a great part in itself!!