Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funny Story about My Jacob

This is a cute little story about my little Mr.Jacob. To actually see it is priceless but I did not really like the pics I took.I will try again next time this happens because I'm sure it'll happen again. Story time....So last Sunday while I was at work I called Joe on my lunch and he said I have to tell you something. Jacob got a little upset with me this afternoon. I then said well what happened? Jacob likes to play this little game with Joe where Daddy chases him with something (food,usually) that he doesn't like. Most of you know he's a pretty picky eater and we won't discuss where he gets that from right now. On Sunday Joe happened to try and offer Jacob a Peep, a Valentine's Day red heart one. Joe likes Peeps and we've since learned Jacob does not. Well when Joe tried to offer it to Jacob he said "No." Joe then tried to offer it to him again as he usually does in their game,and the chase began.The next thing Joe knew Jacob ran upstairs, he waited a minute but then he heard Jacob crying. Jacob at that point came down stairs with his little fireman hat on and his little wheeled buzz light year backpack. He was all ready to go. Joe said he was still crying. So Daddy sat him down to have a talk with him and find out what was wrong. Jacob said he didn't want to try the candy. Daddy then explained to him that he was just playing their game like they always do. Jacob thought about it for a minute and then said "okay Daddy."
I cannot believe that my four year old got upset and decided to get his backpack, to get ready to leave. He has since said he was going "no where." He has since played his little backpack routine on us two more times. This is when I tried to capture this moment on camera but didn't do so well. This whole little backpack thing has really broke Mommy's heart. When he did it the next day when I was home I told him that there was nothing out there anywhere that he couldn't find at home.He then said to me in his cute little voice"Mama me no go no where." Joe and I are not sure where the whole hat thing comes into play, but each time he does this he puts one of his hats on. I might add that he never wears them any other time. My baby boy is getting to be such a big boy, and so independent.
Small subject change for moment. Speaking of Jacob becoming a big boy. Joe and I both have noticed that his pants seem a little bit more sung lately. We told Jacob he really needs to start eating more healthy foods,so we're working on that. But his pants now we've noticed are getting a little bit shorter too. Today I decided to measure him and since his last Dr's visit just a month ago he's grown a whole inch. He is now a tall 41 inches, can't believe it. I am amazed, I am now going to have to look at buying him either 5t's or 4's from the Boys department for his pants. I am going to have to see which is a better fit for him. I have a quirky little story about Jenna for tomorrow along with some great little pics I got of her. Until tomorrow.......

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The Sweet Family said...

I remember those days! The funniest thing though is looking inside the luggage. When my daughter would do it, she would pack a microphone, dolls, and toys! No clothes! I love their innocense! CUTE STORY!!!