Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Slighty Irritated

Yes me, slightly irritated can you guess why? Well let me tell you, earlier today when I looked at our weather thing on our desktop it said few pm snow showers. I am okay with that, like I said before just snow if you're gonna snow. At about 9:00pm or so when I had just come back from my break one of the other CSM's says to me it's snowing outside. It's coming down pretty good out there. I then go check it out for myself and sure enough it's coming down pretty good.So good in fact that the whole parking lot and sidewalk are covered in white. Again I am still okay with this. Until it's time for me to go home, it's freezing out as I am walking to my car. I am now driving home and it's still snowing,still okay. Now I am about half way home and just about to our exit on the freeway and all of a sudden NO SNOW. I get off the free way and still NO SNOW. Down the road some more and just about to our neighborhood and still yep, NO SNOW. I tell ya, you would have thought I drove to another state or something with the difference in weather. At our house not a drop or a flake of snow. I only knew it was snowing in Winchester because well I had snow on my car from while I was at work. This is just absolutely crazy how can it be snowing so much on one side of town and not the other. I just don't get it.Sorry about all that ranting.Just really had to get it out and well you were here: ) Oh and I also added a thing at the bottom of the page. If you want to check the weather in your neck of the woods all you have to do is click on settings and then type in your zip code,and wallah.

I know that I said my next post would be my funny little Jenna story and I promise that is next. I must also say that I can't stay irritated too long when I have such cute kids. They are both fast asleep in their beds,but I turned on the camera as I always do when I come home. I always have to check to see if Daddy took any pics while I was at work. And tonight he did. How can anyone resist this cute little funny face?

Not really sure what the face is all about so I'll have to find out tomorrow from Daddy.

This is one of yesterday's funny faces,
but she's been smiling a lot like this lately.

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Kelly A said...

I had NO idea they were calling for snow either. How strange.

I love the pics of Jenna!! She is getting so big!