Thursday, February 21, 2008

More snow...oh and some recent pics.....

Yes it's snowing again. It started around 8ish I think, I was at work and it was extremely busy. You would think they were calling for a blizzard or something. People came in, in droves and it's not like they were buying just the necessities. They were buying groceries like they were going to be snowed in for days or something. It was a little funny. So for those people's sake I hope that this snow does amount to something. I wouldn't really mind either since I am off for the next two days. So it could really do what ever it wants as long I don't have to go out in it, and hopefully since the weekends about here no one else will have to go out in it. If you do please be safe. The snow was coming down pretty good when I was driving home tonight,especially on 81. Onto a new subject now..

I noticed that I haven't really posted any pics of the kids in my latest posts so here's some pics from the last week or so....Enjoy
These are in no particular order. But they go as follows starting from left top pic. Last Sunday while I was at work and Daddy was on the phone with me Jenna decided she was too hungry to wait for Daddy and opened up her own package of oatmeal and started to eat it. Next Jacob and Jenna after a bath. Next Jenna has finally become a dipper, neither one of the kids has really been into dipping anything in to anything unlike most kids. But suddenly they both like syrup and love to dip with it. Next Daddy recently came upon a different fruit called a Pummelo it's kind of like a grapefruit, kind of. This is the peel from the pummelo on Jacob's head, he's too silly. Next is a picture Nana took of me and the kids for Daddy. Next Jenna blowing bubbles in her bath. And last but certainly not least Jacob giving me his cute little smile,while taking a bath.
Hope everyone has a good weekend where ever you may be. And again stay safe!


Melis B said...

Love the new pictures, they are both getting so big. :)

I love Jenna's smile in the one with you!! Too cute.

HKave a great weekend.

Kelly A said...

Jenna's hair is getting so long. I love it!

Welcome to the dipping club!! LOL!! I live with a pack of boys/men who must have dipping sauce with almost everything. I don't quite understand it myself, but hey whatever makes them happy makes me happy:)

I hope you guys have a great weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!!