Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can I say I told you so?

Did I not say that it would snow since I returned the kids snow suits. Joe said that this is my fault I did it to myself. I just had to go and talk about it so now it's happened. I know that the snow didn't really amount to much but it did snow. What about this crap of weather they're calling for this weekend? A wintry mix both Friday and Saturday, lovely my two days off. I think perhaps it's only going to get worse.What do you think? Where's spring? I am really ready for 70 degree weather.How about you all?

I went to work a little early today because I had a CSM meeting. Work was very slow tonight not a whole lot of people out shopping in this yucky weather. I also left a little early tonight and the roads weren't too terribly bad. The Wal-Mart parking lot however was horrible, very very icy. I had to walk very slow and take baby steps to insure I did not fall. Then when I got to my car I had to yank on the door I don't know how many times because it was stuck shut by a nice layer of ice,fun! I hope every one else is doing what they can to not have to be out in this ugly weather.
Sorry I am kind of all over the place tonight, just some random rantings from Jamie........

Stay safe!

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Kelly A said...

You are so funny!! At least it's not a foot of snow. Then there might have been a problem at your house!!

I hope the weather isn't too bad tomorrow.

I hope you guys have a nice weekend!