Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Official....

Those of you have been around me in the last week and a half know that I have had a horrible cough.It has been uncontrollable at night,taking me an extra hour or so to fall asleep.Anyways I went to the Dr's yesterday and I officially have a sinus infection,Yeah! Can you feel my excitement I really hate sinus infections I get them very often. I am on an antibiotic and she gave me a pill for my cough.I have to say though it amazes me the list of possible side effects.One of the possible side effects for one my pills is burning of the eyes,yep. Another is possible swelling,itching or rash of the skin.Can you imagine do I really need itchy skin again? Does everyone remember this? With any luck I will not suffer any of these possible side effects. The good news is all this coughing that I've been trying to control while around others is not contagious.Keep your fingers crossed for me that these antibiotics start working sooner rather than later.Thanks! Hope everyone has a great weekend.We have a few fun things planned.


The Sweet Family said...

Sorry to hear your sick. I do hope you start feeling better soon.

Luckily the "sick germs" have stayed away from the Sweet Family. I guess the man upstairs feels I am already on overload; why add more!

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Kelly A said...

I am sorry you still aren't feeling well. I am glad you went to the doctor though and I hope your maed start working asap!!!

I hope we get to see you guys tomorrow, but if not tell Joe we hope he has a WONDERFUL Birthday!!!

Kelly A said...

That typo is going to drive me NUTS!!


Jamie said...

It's okay Kelly how many do I make all of the time.I mean really all of the time.Hope to see you tomorrow also.Hopefully it won't be too cold for the kids.Take Care,

Michael B said...

Hope your cough is gone, Jamie! Being sick and being a mom is so hard.