Monday, March 10, 2008

Jenna's First Haircut!

**Disclaimer- First, Mommy made a big opps...I did not charge the battery for the camera ahead of time. I assumed it had a good charge left in it and it did not.The battery died as soon as Joe turned it on at the mall. The above pics are from my cell phone camera. The colors weren't so good so I decided to add a fun effect called cartoon to them.They look a little better this way, at least I think so.(End of disclaimer)**

On this past Saturday we took Jenna to the Dulles Town Center Mall to Cartoon Cuts. Where we got Jacob's first haircut a little over four years ago. They gave her the same cute little certificate that Jacob got for his first cut. Isn't it cute?

All in all it went well except for the whole camera thing. Jenna however did not sit as still as her brother did for his first haircut. We managed to make it through the cut with no cries,yeah! We got her some cute little bangs and just the rest trimmed.To be quite honest with you I really wasn't sure about getting her hair cut just yet.However last week we got Jacob's hair cut and the woman asked me when was the last time I got her hair cut?And I told her never.She then informed me that I should get it trimmed because if I did her hair would not only grow in faster but thicker too.So that was it, it was decided we would get her haircut.Her hair has made my baby age about six months or so.She definitely looks like she's more than two now,but we all know she's not. I am so glad we got her hair cut can't wait for it to start growing more. Plus it doesn't hang in her eyes anymore.If I do nothing with it,it's okay now,and it still looks cute. Speaking of growing Jenna is also having a little growth spurt just like her brother. I measured her a few days after I measured Jacob and she grew an entire inch in just under two months. Here's a picture of Jenna right after her hair cut, holding her certificate,eating her lollipop.My little cutie pie.

I have added real pics below of Jenna with her hair cut.These pics are from our play date we had today at Brandey's. Enjoy! I just love her new little bangs, too cute, if you ask me. But I am her Mommy.


Kelly A said...

I LOVE the cartoon affect!!!

Jenna's bangs are adorable!!! She is getting to be such a BIG girl!!

Now if I can only convince John to let us get Jacob's hair trimmed!!

The Sweet Family said...

I think the cartoon effect looks great! I mean, you had her hair cut at Cartoon Cuts right?

She looks adorable with bangs!

Anonymous said...

Of course, she is adorable! We all agree. The pics look cute with the cartoon effect!


Watts Up said...

Awh! She looks adorable and I love what you did with the pictures. They are so fun. Her pig tails and bangs rock!

Lily Pad Mom said...

She is adorable with the bangs and the little pigtails!