Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Little of This and A Little of That...

Where to start....Why ME of course just kidding. I am going to start with me. I haven't got my hair cut since, well Halloween. I had this women who cut my hair for about two years or so and then one day came into my work to let me know she was moving.....TO MICHIGAN. What is a girl to do? Well I decided to try someone else at the salon.To put it simply I was not impressed with her as she did not listen to me when I said "I want my hair trimmed and cut straight across the back." I really did not think that this was a difficult request but apparently it was. Because I ended up with a scoop in the back? So needless to say I did not go back to her or that salon since. Then a week or so ago I read a post on Watt's Up's Blog about a not so good experience with her new stylist. She decided she needed to get another new stylist. This inspired me to not be so afraid of trying to find some one new, also.Thank you,Amy! Last Friday I decided it was time,I mean it's been four months. Before this whole episode happened I was a person who got her hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. I was in Sterling for another appointment and decided to try a different place in the mall there. A wonderful Chinese man cut my hair,and I am happy to say I am very pleased.So much in fact I think I will even return in about eight weeks,right before our trip : ) He actually listened to me like my old lady use to. He then showed me in the mirror and said now if you want it straight across the back you're going to lose this much hair are you okay with that? I said if that's what it's going to take to fix my hair then yes,and that's exactly what he did.Yeah for me! I plan to have Joe take a picture at some point so you all can see my results. Okay I think I've talked about me enough.

Now onto the kids.........
This past weekend we went to Tyson's Corner Mall and mostly just walked around and window shopped. I did however have to hit one of my favorite stores there Sephora. I needed to pick up a few things I was out of. My MIL needed to buy some shoes so that's mainly why we went to that mall. Anyways we let the kids play in the play area there, they absolutely LOVE it!
So much so that neither one of them wanted to leave and they especially didn't want to leave when I said it was dinner time. We left and Jacob ate like a champion showing us that he worked up an appetite playing and jumping. And well Jenna, she protested having to leave and really didn't eat much anything that I put in front of her. After we ate dinner,I almost forgot I promised Daddy and Jacob that we would get Jacob's hair cut.It was then off to Cartoon Cuts in the mall there.

Jacob did great as he has been doing great with hair cuts now for quite some time. For those of you who don't know this but we went through a huge stage of absolute refusal of getting his hair cut. Yes, he was one of those kids.Joe and I hated it but he had to have his hair cut. But we're done with that now and we love him back to Jacob getting his hair cut. His hair looks so handsome now.Everyday he really amazes me how much bigger and older he is looking and acting. Jenna is really starting to sprout up too. This past week everyday I look at her and she just looks like such a big two year old. And just think she's only three months away from being TWO!
I know this was just a little randomness and kind of all over the place but just wanted to do a quick little update. I know it wasn't really quick I'm not very good at that. Here's some pics of Jacob my little jumper,he loves jumping on these blocks....... oh and p.s. yes it was crazy busy in the play area and hot too. Hope everyone has a great weekend,hopefully it won't be too cold.

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Watts Up said...

TGIF! I'm happy your hair appt went well...that is awesome! I see that we have a bit in common b/c SEPHORA is hands down one of my fav's. I was going to place an online order today :) Over $75 is free shipping and you know it doesn't take much! I'm converting to be a MAC fan too. Tysons mall is great & I'm glad you all had a good time :) Have an awesome weekend with the fam!