Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just like Mommy.....

Here she is my little shopper. She is so cute,she puts the purse on and says shoppin'. This is Mommy's first Coach purse. Joe bought it for me for Christmas in 2004. What a thing he started,but if you ask him he'll tell you his Mom started it. Funny little story.... When I opened this present/purse on Christmas morning,Joe's Dad and Mom were both there. As soon as Joe's dad saw the purse he said to Joe "You've really started it now,you bought her a coach." Then he said something to the effect of "good luck with that,she won't stop at one and next will be a Louis Vuitton,and then a Prada." Well I am happy to say while he was right that I couldn't stop at one,I have managed to stay with Coach. I just love them,I know I've said this before.Yes I have a little bit of an obsession.
Getting back to Jenna. I have my purses hanging in this purse holder thing in my closet. Every time we go into the closet she has to take a purse out. She walks around with it hanging on her shoulder (usually) and says "let's go shoppin'." and "Come on Mama." She is just too cute to handle. Please excuse her messy hair, it's really starting to grow. I am trying to different things with it and I'll hopefully figure something out soon. I really like the whole two pony tails but if we go out any where they're usually out before we get where we're going. Then we have to start all over again. Anyways just had to show everyone my little shopper,can't wait till Jenna gets her own first Coach : ) I know Daddy,I have a while before that day will come.

I'm ready to go Mama!


Kelly A said...

I like the half pony tail!! She is just too cute:)

Watts Up said...

She is adorable and you all will have more and more fun shopping together as she grows! How shoe holds her arm up is too cute. I love COACH too. The outlet in Leesburg is fabulous! Every time my best friend and I go there we end up making a purchase. You can't go wrong with a nice handbag!