Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's Official.....

I am on VACATION! I clocked out tonight at 10:33 p.m and I do not have to work again for 11 days, yeah! You know what one of the best parts about the week that I'm on vacation is? I am totally missing inventory...We inventory on either the 13th or the 14th, I really don't know cause I won't be there. Really just luck but good luck. This year our inventory's going to be really bad, probably the worst that store has ever done. But oh well I won't have to be there. I don't have to wear blue and khaki for 10 days. Silly I know, but really it does get a little irritating after a while of wearing the same colors day after day after day. Oh and also no crappy customers,no complaints, this week was a pretty crappy week for crappy customers. I had one man call me an a**hole, the best was because he was the idiot. He was the one who came into the store with a lawn mower full of gas, and then proceeded to argue with me on whether or not it was against fire codes. But I was the a**hole, go figure. I know off on a tangent, sorry. So needless to say I am soooo glad that this work week is finally over.

Am I packed you ask? Well sort of, I have all my clothes together. Not in my suitcase yet, because my suitcase is still in the basement. I kind of have some of my bathroom stuff together but not really to organized there. I really hope to get all my stuff together and in my suitcase sometime tomorrow. I don't want to do like I normally do and be putting stuff together at the last minute on Saturday night. Our flight leaves at like 7 something Sunday morning, and we have to drive to Baltimore, yuck! Going out of Baltimore saved us some serious dough on our plane tickets and we all know every penny counts.

So plans have changed a little for tomorrow I still have some running around to do but I will not be getting my hair cut. I know I am really kinda bummed about it but the guy who was to cut my hair had some sort of hand injury. He's not working the rest of the week, and I am not really ready to let another new person cut my hair. Especially right before our vacation, who knows what could happen. Sorry Kelly there will probably be no curls in my near future. Still not sure if I am ready for that either. Especially with rain in the forecast. It's looking like there's a good chance of rain many of the days we are there. I am hoping that the forecast is just wrong. It looks like it's going to be pretty rainy here while we're gone. Hopefully it won't be too rainy either place.

Cute Jenna story.......

On Wednesday we were just about ready to leave to take Jacob to therapy. I had just told the kids to go sit on the stairs so we could put their shoes on and leave. Now please keep in mind Jenna always runs when I tell her I have to fix her hair. She usually says "no mama." Today was very different. When I told them to go sit on the stairs Jenna said to me..."Mama, me hair all mess up!" As she is moving her little long hairs out of her face. It really was too precious. Her hair really has started to grow since we got it trimmed. You can really see the hugest difference in her bangs. They are down to her eyebrows again. Oh and by the way my baby is less than a month away from her SECOND birthday, yikes!


Michael B said...

I'm so excited for you!! Having a break from work is the BEST, no doubt!!

Have a safe and relaxing trip. And, take lots and lots of pictures!!


Joe F said...

So, yeah... I looked at the weather too for Kauai, and MAN, it looks like it sux!! Jamie, knows, I have to research everything, and here is what I learned regarding Kauai weather:

"Weather on Kauai is probably the biggest factor in planning any outdoor activity on the island. Most of the weather comes down as rain, with the rest falling as heavy rain. If you spend any significant time on the island, you will come to find that the rainfall is highly variable depending on where you are. The rainiest spot is at the summit of Mt. Waialeale, averaging almost 300 inches per year - that amounts to almost an inch per day on average. The driest area on the southwest coast averages barely 25 inches per year. Between these two extremes is a good deal of variability.

The good news is that most of the rain falls lightly and for brief periods, while temperatures rarely drop below 60F except at the highest elevations above 4,000ft. It is always raining somewhere on Kauai and Mt. Waialeale is rarely visible through its ever-present cloud cover. Some amount of precipitation is likely to fall on most outings, but hardly enough to cause more than a minor inconvenience. If you plan for rain with at least a lightweight rain jacket, you should rarely have to cancel your outing."

So....I think we will be ok.. And hey, if you are in the water, you're already wet, right? ;)

Kelly A said...

I am SO EXCITED for you guys!!

I know you are going to have a wonderful time....rain or not!!

I can't WAIT for you to get back so I can see pics!!!

Take care guys and I hope you have safe travels!!

The Sweet Family said...

Joe - if the forecasters are anything like the ones around here, your weather will be great; don't sweat it!!!

You guys have a FABULOUS trip and takes lots of pics.

Happy Mother's Day Jamie!!!

Jessica said...

The jealousy is just seeping out of every pore in my body!! :)
I hope you and Joe have a stupendous time on your trip!! I cannot WAIT to see pictures, and hear all about your wonderful time!