Monday, May 5, 2008

One Week Later....

****I have to add here that yes I did start this post two nights ago but was too tired to finish it. Here I am it's Tuesday/Wednesday and the current time is 12:29am..........****
Has it really been a week already? Time is really flying these past few weeks. Although I have a feeling that this next week is going to go by pretty slow. Since it is only 6 days (opps now 4) til we leave for Hawaii. I am really getting super excited in case you can't tell. Yes I am going to miss the kids horribly but I know they will be in good hands. Joe and I both really need this vacation. I think we both are ready to not have to go to work for one week. Just that in it's self is a great vacation, then throw Hawaii on top of that and well there ya go. Super excitement.

We had a really good weekend. On Thursday p.m. Jacob found a gift card from Chocolate World and decided he wanted to go there SOOOO BAD! On Saturday morning Daddy,Mommy, Jacob and Jenna all piled in Mommy's van and hit the road. And we were off to Chocolate World. We started the morning off by stopping in Martinsburg for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. When we first got to CW we watched The Really Big 3D Show. They both really enjoyed it. We then went over to the little factory works section where Jacob and Jenna got to package their own Kisses. We also went on the "tour" type ride. The weather could have been nicer but, then again we didn't spend to much time outside. All in all it was a great day and a nice short ride (kind of) in the car. Next time we go back we have decided that we'll plan for better weather. We have also decided that we will probably take the kids to the amusement park at some point because it does look like they actually have quite a bit of ride that Jacob and Jenna might enjoy.

Jacob my little factory worker......Jenna getting help from Daddy packing her kisses

Next step shake it up!

I am also going to have to to take back one other thing I said previously in this post. This week is really kind of flying by, already. Today (Wed) not only do we have therapy for my Jacob but the kids and I also have to take my car to get it inspected so I can finally put my JMELYN tags on it. On Friday I am going into town to the DTC for a quick trip to return a few things and I am also getting my hair trimmed. It's been about as long as I can take it, I am starting to see my ugly split ends come in and I've got to get rid of them quick. Just a trim nothing fancy and we'll see how trip number two goes with my new guy. Saturday we are gonna just stick around the house and try and do some last minute things so that the house isn't in total disarray when we leave. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and is having a great week.

Hugs...too cute!

A little Heshey's trivia if you will.....Did you know that their #1 selling candy is the Reese's Butter Cup?

**Also for those of you that I have not talked to since my DR's appointment and are curious. Yes I do have low blood pressure, big surprise there. But I will not be going on med for it as of yet, b/c my Dr. does not want to put me on meds if I'm not having "my spells" all the time. For now I am to do as she advised before...increase my salt intake and drink more liquids and not just water. If I start having more spells then I go back. So that's where I am for now?**


Kelly A said...

YAY...a new post!!! I have been missing them!!

I think it is SO awesome that you guys decided to go to Chocolate World!! It looks like the kids had a blast!

Good luck with your hair appointment Friday! I am hoping I will get to see you with curly hair:)

If I don't see you before you leave, I hope you and Joe have a wonderful and Romantic trip!!! I can't wiat to see pictures!!:)

The Sweet Family said...

Whew, glad to hear you are ok. Noticed there weren't any new posts and worried!

I cannot believe your trip is already here! I remember seeing your countdown go up and got excited for you.

Enjoy your trip!!!

Amy said...

This place looks like so much fun. I've never heard of it, but it looks like a GREAT place for the kiddos and judging from the pics your little ones had a great time!

Have a great time on your trip! Can't wait it hear how it goes!

Cracker Barrel is AWESOME!


Melis B said...

Glad you are back...I have been missing your posts! I can't believe your trip is here already!! Have SO MUCH fun! Take tons of photos!

Have a good weekend,