Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend.....Lots of Pics

We kept busy most of the weekend, except for Saturday. Most of Saturday we just hung out at the house and didn't really do anything. The weather was great, the kids decided they wanted to eat out on the porch so we did. Jenna was a little crazy running back and forth across the porch.

Sunday I had to work of course but I was able to get off of work a little early. One of our neighbor's/friend invited us over for a bar-b-que with some of our other neighbors and some family of theirs. It was a lot of fun the kids enjoyed it. They bounced on the moon bounce, and ran around a whole lot and sat for like maybe five minutes to eat dinner. Lots of yummy food, and good company.

On to Monday we went to Toys r' us and got Jacob and Jenna a blow up pool that's shaped like a pirate ship. Jacob picked it out of course. It was a pretty hot day but the water was still really cold in the pool. Jenna really didn't like the pool so much because of the cold water. She wanted to go in the pool when Daddy put it up on the porch and drained all but a few drops of water out of it. Jenna really is such a character she cracks us up. Jacob on the other hand couldn't careless about how cold the water was. From the time the first drop of water went in, to the moment the last bit of water came out he was in the pool. He's definitely my water baby. We had such a great weekend, I wish it wouldn't have ended.

**In case you can't tell from the pics Jenna hung out with us more and Jacob decided to hang with his friends. :)
BTW when I first hit the post button I realized I forgot these pics from Monday...Ooops


Kelly A said...

The pirate ship pool looks AWESOME!!! I can just picture the kids having a ball in it!!

We had a blast on Sunday!! Can't wait for the next one!! :) You got some great pics!!

The Sweet Family said...

The kids look like they were having a blast!! It was such a great weekend to spend outside!

Thanks for sharing

Melis B said...

Too all the photos!! Thanks for sharing!!

Have a great weekend!!